November 28, 2023

MGM Healthcare Introduces Fastest Sunday Health Check in the Country

Chennai 3rd November 2023: MGM Healthcare is thrilled to announce the launch of its all-new “Fastest Sunday Health Check-up” package, available for just ₹1234 and backed by a unique money-back guarantee. This initiative is designed to make healthcare accessible, convenient, and efficient by offering comprehensive health check-ups specifically on Sundays.

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The “Fastest Sunday Health-check” package is designed to cater to the diverse healthcare needs, emphasizing early detection and prevention of health issues. MGM Healthcare believes that everyone deserves easy access to essential healthcare services, and this package is a significant step toward fulfilling that vision.

The importance of regular health check-ups cannot be understated, as they play a pivotal role in early disease detection and prevention. By offering an affordable and swift Sunday health check-up option, MGM Healthcare aims to eliminate barriers that might deter people from seeking preventive healthcare.

“In today’s fast-paced world, we encourage individuals to take charge of their health by incorporating regular health check-ups into their routines. We understand that busy schedules and the demands of daily life can often hinder this, which is why we have introduced our ‘Fastest Sunday Health Check-up’ package, designed to offer a convenient and efficient solution for everyone to prioritize their health”, Said Mr. Harish Manian, Group CEO, MGM Healthcare. 

Key Features of the “Fastest Sunday Health Check-up” Package:

Comprehensive Health Assessment: The Sunday Health Check-up includes a comprehensive range of tests and screenings to assess an individual’s overall health. It covers vital parameters such as Haemogram, Lipid Profile, Fasting/Random Blood Sugar, Liver Function Test, Renal Function Test, Urine Routine, Hb A1C, and ECG, ensuring a holistic evaluation of one’s well-being all at Rs. 1234.

30-Minute Health Check: The Sunday Health Checkup Package offers a unique USP – a comprehensive health assessment completed within just 30 minutes, saving your valuable time without compromising on the quality of care.

Money-Back Guarantee: If your Sunday Health Check takes more time than our promised schedule, the payment will be refunded. Your time is valuable, and we are committed to delivering a swift and efficient service.

Convenient Sunday Appointments: We understand that people have busy schedules during the week, so Sunday availability ensures that you can prioritize your health without disrupting your work or daily routines.

Expert Medical Advice: Our experienced medical professionals will review your test results and provide expert guidance on maintaining or improving your health.

Efficiency Guaranteed: The “Fastest Sunday Health Check” package promises not only affordability but also the quickest service without compromising on the quality of care.

Affordable Pricing: The package has been priced at ₹1234, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals and families.

MGM Healthcare is committed to providing high-quality healthcare services that are accessible to all. The launch of the Sunday Health Check-up reinforces this commitment and encourages individuals to prioritize their health and well-being.

To book the Sunday Health Check-up, interested individuals can visit the MGM Healthcare website or contact the hospital at 044-45242407

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