HealthKart and Delhi Police come together to raise awareness on Women’s Health and Nutrition

New Delhi, April 08, 2022: India’s largest health and nutrition-based online marketplace, HealthKart, recently organized a health drive with Delhi Police and Lakshyam (NGO) to raise awareness about women’s health, their right to nutrition, and various approaches to solving their health-related problems. The drive was organized for the women of Delhi Police, representing the Self Defense and Counseling Unit.

According to nutrition experts at HealthKart, essential factors such as deficiency of vitamins, minerals, and protein in the Indian diet and the lack of awareness among women are the primary causes of deficiency diseases in women. To address this issue, a health drive was organized for the women of Delhi Police, and subjects such as the importance of Physical Health, Mental Health, and Balanced Meals were thoroughly discussed at the occasion.

HealthKart nutritionists guided the women about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and helped them understand the significance of mental well-being. In addition, HealthKart advocated the campaign by providing essentials from their healthy foods & multivitamins range such as MuscleBlaze High Protein Peanut Butter, HK Vitals Multivitamin, and MuscleBlaze Probiotic Muesli.

Speaking on the occasion, Abhinav Sonal, Chief of Staff, HealthKart, said,” We at HealthKart, have been striving to do our part to help our communities, and this initiative highlights the importance of health and nutrition for all women. The drive also percolates the message of ‘Eating Right’ to a larger population while we continue to contribute to a healthier future.”

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