Having PCOD? Check out these A-Z of its causes, repercussions, and Ayurvedic treatment

Having PCOD? Check out these A-Z of its causes, repercussions, and Ayurvedic treatment

Mr. Vikas Chawla, Ayurveda Expert, Founder & Director of Vedas Cure

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or PCOD(Polycystic Ovarian Disease) is a condition that causes hormonal disorder among women in which the female body produces an excess amount of male hormones. Though the reasons for PCOS or PCOD are still unknown, doctors ascertain it as a condition caused by environmental and reproductive factors.


Women suffering from PCOS cause irregular period cycles, pregnancy issues and delays, abnormal dense hair growth and also long-term conditions like diabetes and various types of heart diseases.

It disrupts the menstrual and reproductive health of a woman and causes. In severe cases, it can also lead to unwanted abortions and reproductive infertility.

Hair loss and an increase in weight are two symptoms of PCOD.

Excess weight gain also makes the body lethargic, inactive and indolent.

Obesity is one of the biggest repercussions of PCOD. It causes a great ordeal for women and disrupts their mental and physical health.

It creates body image issues and also leads to depression and stress. Women are prone to overthinking patterns and go for crash diets to avert PCOD. It turns out to be disastrous in all cases. Experts totally discredit this practice.

Ayurvedic Treatment:

Ashwagandha and Turmeric are two remedies which are suggested by Ayurvedic experts for the treatment of PCOS.

You can have Ashwagandha by mixing it in detox drinks or hot water. Turmeric Milk needs to be consumed on a daily basis to solve PCOS issues. Apart from this, lifestyle changes are very important. Increase the consumption of fruits, green veggies, and whole grains and decrease the intake of refined wheat flour (maida) and oily food.


Yoga and Breathing exercises are also known to be beneficial for women who have PCOS. It takes off unnecessary stress, grows positive energy, and sends optimistic vibes to the body and mind.

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