DrinkPrimeWaterForAll Challenge: Ensure Safe Drinking Water & Win Exciting Prizes

Bengaluru, April 2022: DrinkPrime is on a mission to make clean, safe and healthy drinking water accessible to everyone. To ensure this, we have launched the #DrinkPrimeWaterForAll challenge. Anyone (DrinkPrime subscribers and non-subscribers) can participate in the challenge.

Why should anyone participate in the challenge?

Here’s why anyone should participate in the challenge – By referring more people, they are helping improve safe drinking water access in India. “Less than 50% of the Indian population has access to safe drinking water. At DrinkPrime, we are trying to solve this problem by providing DrinkPrime on subscription. With this referral challenge, we are trying to get our subscribers and non-subscribers to be a part of our mission,” says Manas Ranjan Hota, Cofounder and COO, DrinkPrime.

In addition to this, this is a chance for them to win exciting prizes like iPhone 13, iPad Mini 6, BoAt smartwatches and headphones. So, how can they track how many people they have referred so far and their position? We have a live leaderboard on the page that will be updated based on the number of referrals made by individuals. The more referrals made by an individual, the higher the rank on the leaderboard. A total of 20 top referrers will win amazing prizes.

What grand prizes do referrers get?

The participant with the maximum number of successful referrals will be the #DrinkPrimeWaterForAll champion and will win an iPhone 13. Referrers who come in the second and third positions will win iPad Mini 6; Those who come in the 4th to 10th positions will win BoAT smartwatches; Referrers who come in the 11th to 20th positions will win BoAt headphones. For every referral, the referrer will win ₹300 cash prize. In order to unlock top 4 grand prizes, participants must do a minimum 10 successful installations.

“We have reached more than 4.74 Lakh people in less than 48 hours from the challenge launch. We also have four to five social media influencers who support the cause and want to amplify the message to an even wider audience,” added Manas. The challenge will be live until 4 May, 2022.

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