Current research in spinal cord injury (Seminar) Saveetha College of Allied Health Sciences

In this write up we will explore how spinal cord injury research evolved currently.

The function of the Spinal cord is to relay the sensory information to the brain and deliver the motor output to the effector organ. It acts as a bridge between the brain and the external environment. So, there are various ways in which the spinal cord can be injured. It falls under 2 categories: Traumatic and Non-traumatic. When a person is subjected to any accidents, or gunshots, assaults, or falling from a place of high altitude, this creates a mechanical force, a physical impact which is capable of creating damage in the spinal cord. On the other hand, when patients suffer from tumors like meningioma, chronic illness or infections, it indirectly creates damage to the spinal cord.

So, this is the pathophysiology of the spinal cord injury. Once force is applied to the spinal cord, it damages a particular site which is the primary injury. This progresses further in days or months or even years, and then various biological cascades occur. Those are called Secondary Injuries. When talking about research, textbooks are not the only source of information to obtain. There are also other sources where we can gain knowledge about the ongoing projects in the field of interest. So, there are 2 sources: 1) the articles 2) newspapers describing physicians’ advice and talk about the field.

The current projects are focussing on the “COMBINATORIAL APPROACH” to treat Spinal Cord Injury. It comprises of Pharmacological Interventions (Anti-inflammatory drugs), External administration of Neurotrophins and Chondroitinase ABC (an enzyme which digests Chondroitin Sulphate Proteoglycans) to the lesion site and formulating hydrogel, all cumulatively attempts to dissolve glial scar. If this approach proves to be efficient, then the spinal cord will definitely gain its normal functions and the patients will be relieved from the devastating deficits. Future research in SCI is expected to unravel the molecular complex interplay between the immune system and the nervous system to advance the level of understanding of the physiology of the Spinal Cord.

This lecture also creates awareness about spinal cord injury and will make the young researchers do interventions in health care.

SIMATS( Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences)- Saveetha college of Allied health sciences conducted a Seminar on the topic entitled “Spinal cord Injury and its related articles “ 

Author:  Ms. Sowbarnika  Project Intern in Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing.

SIMATS( Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences)- Saveetha College of Allied Health Sciences

Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences, Chennai.

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