September 25, 2023

Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology (AINU, Chennai) successfully treats Bangladeshi Newborn’s Swollen Kidneys

Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology (AINU, Chennai) successfully treats Bangladeshi Newborn’s Swollen KidneysBengaluru, August 28th, 2023;  Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology (AINU, Chennai), a leading kidney care specialist in India & Chennai’s largest nephrology and urology healthcare specialty centre has successfully treated a 26 days year old newborn from Bangladesh, who was presented with a rare case of both kidneys being blocked. Employing advanced endoscopic laser techniques, AINU Chennai’s expert medical team ensured a rapid recovery for the baby, who was discharged in optimal health within a mere 48 hours.

Upon birth, the infant displayed triple the typical creatinine levels, an indicator of rapidly falling kidney health prompting an urgent diagnosis. The situation was due to the newborn’s swollen kidneys, a condition that was attributed to a valve obstructing the urine outlet beneath the bladder. The ailment posed a severe threat to the infant’s kidney function necessitating immediate medical intervention.

Dr. Ramesh Babu, Paediatric Urologist at AINU Chennai, emphasized the complexity of the procedure stating, “Performing a cystoscopy surgery on a tiny newborn with failing kidney function is a significant challenge. Swift and precise action was essential due to the severe valve blockage beneath the bladder. We employed an endoscopic laser treatment, which proved successful in curing the condition. Normally three stage treatment is done; the urine is diverted into a stoma bag first, valve dealt with later, and the diversion closed much later. Here with advanced cystoscopy and laser facilities we could do primary valve clearance in a single stage”.

The rise in paediatric nephrological complications witnessed in recent months underscores the importance of timely and precise diagnosis and treatment. AINU Chennai’s successful management of this intricate case highlights their commitment to providing cutting-edge medical solutions for complex renal issues.

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