Gunjan FoundationPresents“100 Years of Bollywood Music”

Gunjan Foundation Presents 100 Years of Bollywood Music

New Delhi October 2022: Gunjan Foundation presents “100 years of Bollywood Music” at Kamani Auditorium, Copernicus Marg to celebrate its journey throughout. Ms. Richa Anirudh hosted the show, and there was a speech by Ms. Sushma Singhvi, founder of Gunjan Foundation, to welcome the guests and to elaborate the achievements and motto of the organization to the audiences. Later the show was followed by performances of a few of the golden year’s songs of Artist Mr. K.L. Saigal till the modern bollywood songs along with some dance to mesmerize the aura of the audiences present in the auditorium.

Time: By 6:30 p.m. onwards.
Performances by Singers:
Jitendra Abhyankar
Chaitanya Kulkarni
Kunal Phadke
Abhishek Havaragi
Upendra Inglikar
Sagar Khambe
Tejas Deodhar
Ms. Riya Desai
Ms. Aishwarya Kale
Ms. Deepika Datar
Ms. Krisha Pandit

The show was witnessed by Journalist MS. Nalini Singh, Padma Shri Shovana Narayan,Padma Shri Indian Broadcasting Journalist and Writer Mr. Alok Mehta,  the host of the show, radio journalist at 92.7 Big FM Ms Richa Anirudh, Photographer Mr. Avinash Pasricha and his wife Ms. Santosh, Art Collector Ms. Rama Thakur.

Sushma Singhvi, Founder of Gunjan Foundation said, ”Gunjan Foundation is the combined effort of all the dreams of our students to leave a mark in society. Their dreams are our hopes to make every section of our society contribute equally to our nation. We encourage the underprivileged children specially girls to be self- dependent and to be able to empower themselves with the light of education for a better future.”

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