Actor Brijendra Kala calls his childhood Holi celebrations in Mathura ‘the most delightful memories’

Seasoned actor Brijendra Kala has been enjoying a successful streak in his career, captivating audiences with his performances in Watcho Exclusives’ “Luck Shots,” as well as Netflix’s “Murder Mubarak” and “Mamla Legal Hai.” With the festival of Holi approaching, Brijendra Kala has now shared sights into his plans for the festival, his cherished Holi song, and fond recollections of his childhood celebrations.

Bijendra Kala_Holi

While the Luck Shots actor will be busy shooting for his upcoming project a day before Holi, he doesn’t have any specific plans. But he shared what he feels about the festival. “I feel I’ve outgrown the age for playing Holi; although, I reminisce about the times in my childhood when I used to revel in the festivities. However, this year, my schedule revolves around shooting, and the following day, I’ll return home. That sums up the formalities. What I truly anticipate, though, are the delicious gujiyas that my wife prepares; they are truly amazing,” Brijendra Kala said.

The seasoned actor, who lived in Mathura, known for its Holi celebrations, during his childhood, opened up about some of his favourite memories. Brijendra Kala shared, “In my childhood, I lived in Mathura, where the best Holi is played. It is still celebrated, but the vibe was completely different back then. The festivities began much earlier than the actual festival date. I have fond memories of enjoying Holi with my friends during those days. We would engage in all sorts of fun activities. During the Holika Dahan ceremony, we would collect wooden items from here and there and throw them into the bonfire, which would burn throughout the night. Sometimes, we would even fill our water guns (pichkaris) with hot water because the weather was still quite cold despite Holi marking the onset of summer. Splashing hot water from the pichkaris on people was great fun; their reactions were priceless. We would also fill balloons with hot water and splash them on people. These memories are some of the most delightful ones from my childhood.”

Lastly, when asked about his favourite Bollywood Holi song, shared, “The song “Aaj Na Chhodenge” is from the movie “Katti Patang”. I remember this song from my childhood; it’s the tune I grew up with. It continues to trend even now. Another popular Holi song is “Rang Barse”. Both these songs hold special memories for me. The fun we had dancing to these tunes is unforgettable. Whenever Holi approaches, these songs are played everywhere and are enjoyed by everyone.”

In the anthology series “Luck Shots” on Watcho Exclusives, he portrayed Madan Lal in the story “Raasta Bandh.” Additionally, he appeared as Guppie Ram in Netflix’s “Murder Mubarak” and as Adv. PP in “Maamla Legal Hai.” The actor’s upcoming project is the satirical comedy “Good Luck,” slated for a theatrical release on April 5, 2024.

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