5 Reasons Why Inside Out 2 is an ‘Emotional Party’ and a Must-Watch for All


5 Reasons Why Inside Out 2 is an ‘Emotional Party’ and a Must-Watch for AllAfter a wait of 9-long years preceding the events of the Academy Award-winning Inside Out, Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out 2 dives deep into the mind of ‘Riley’ – a newly turned teenager, whose existing team of personified emotions goes through renovation to make room for complex teenage emotions in her head. Inside Out 2 is already buzzing in the minds of audiences and critics alike garnering a record-breaking debut weekend already! Ranging from a beautifully crafted animated world to an insightfully hilarious depiction of human emotions, Inside Out 2 has it all covered. Below are the top 5 reasons why you should watch Inside Out 2 in theatres this week.

Creative visualisation of new emotions in Riley’s mind

The creators of Inside Out 2 took years of research into human emotions with the help of psychologists and animators. Whether it is actual pathways that lead the emotions to the ‘back’ of the mind or establishing complex emotional concepts like ‘secrets’, ‘sarcasm’, and ‘belief systems, the stunning imagery aided by psychological research adds several shades to the colourful world of Inside Out 2 that guarantees to amuse audiences of all ages.

Adorable side-characters enter Riley’s mind

While the main emotions such as ‘Joy’, ‘Sadness’, and ‘Fear’ are sent to the unexplored parts of Riley’s mind, Inside Out 2 continues to bring some adorable additions to the rescue of the OG 5 emotions, finding their way back to Riley’s headquarters. Just like ‘Bing Bong’ from the first film, these characters bring out emotionally striking moments throughout the film.

Anxiety takes over in a brand-new sequel 

‘Anxiety’ voiced by Maya Hawke takes control of ‘Riley’s’ emotional console wreaking havoc in Riley’s life! The thrilling attempt of ‘Joy’ and the colourful team of emotions to stop ‘Anxiety’ is a hilarious chase that breathes life into the theatre-worthy visuals of Inside Out 2.

Breathtaking performances by the voice cast 

The stellar voice cast includes immensely talented actors such as ‘Maya Hawke’, Amy Poehler’, ‘Ayo Edebiri, ‘Phyllis Smith’, ‘Tony Hale’ and ‘Lewis Black’ steal the show, while our very own Gen Z star ‘Ananya Panday lends her voice to ‘Riley’ in the Hindi version of Inside Out 2.

Post-Credit Scene     

Much like the ending of the first Inside Out, which highlights a temporarily established ‘order’ in Riley’s mind, it only evolves into a chaotic joyride in Inside Out 2. The sequel also offers a compelling segway in the form of post-credit scenes. While you traverse through the emotional rollercoaster that Inside Out 2 boards you upon, make sure that you await the pleasant surprise at the end of the credits!

Pro tip – Inside Out 2’s memory orbs come alive in a fun mini-game with ‘Inside Out 2’ web search!

Watch Inside Out 2 only in theatres in English and Hindi languages

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