Satya School introduces the Anurakshan Program to celebrate Earth Day

SSatya School introduces the Anurakshan Program to celebrate Earth DayGurugram, 23 April 2024: To raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire actions to protect the planet, Satya School today announced the launch of the Anurakshan Program to mark the occasion of Earth Day. The program aims to nurture the environment and foster sustainability consciousness among students in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

In its inaugural week, the year-long initiative, Anurakshan Program incorporates various engaging activities tailored to all grade levels, including poster making, planting saplings of plants with medicinal qualities, growing vegetables at home, nature walks, storytelling sessions on nature conservation, slogan writing, a recycling craft workshop, and taking a pledge amongst others which helps the students to incorporate sustainable consumerism in their daily life. The program aims to inculcate students with new techniques regarding sustainable plantations like aeroponics and hydroponics. Through these activities, students will explore topics such as recycling, conservation, and renewable energy, providing valuable insights into how they can positively impact the planet.

Underlining the strength of our community, Satya School’s parent fraternity is actively partnering with the school in championing sustainable practices. Satya School invites parents to collaborate in reducing micro-waste, supporting local produce, advocating for the use of cloth or jute bags instead of plastic, promoting the use of handkerchiefs over disposable tissue paper, and encouraging carpooling.

Earth Day is observed annually on April 22. It serves as a reminder of the importance of caring for the planet and encourages individuals, communities, and organizations to work together to build a more sustainable and healthier world for current and future generations.

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