December 6, 2023
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Learning Spiral won the award for the best Outstanding Edu Tech Solution for Higher Education

APAC News Network organized the 4th Edition of Global Education & Skill Conclave on 14th & 15th july 2022. The 4th Global Education & Skills Conclave (GESC) was being held as part of India’s recovery from pandemic challenges. As face-to-face education in colleges and schools becomes normal again, the central theme of the event focused on the return of the education sector to normal.

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The 2-day conclave involved 100+ education decision makers and 10+ government policymakers. The major conference highlights were: 2 Days| 10+ States | 100+ Education Thought Leaders | 5 + Embassies | 100+ Delegates. The 4th APAC GESC (global platform) witnessed the amazing participation of stellar speakers in the education, skill, and innovation ecosystem from India and across the globe. The Global Education & Skill Awards aimed to acknowledge those individuals, educational institutions, and Ed-tech firms that have transformed teaching, learning, and employability outcomes.

Learning spiral’s founder, Mr. Manish Mohta was invited as a Guest Speaker and Panelist to share insightful perspectives at the APAC 4th Global Educational & Skill Conclave 2022. The event was held on 14th & 15th July 2022 in Delhi & Learning Spiral won the award for the best.

“Outstanding Edu Tech Solution for Higher Education” at APAC 4th Global Education & Skill Conclave ( GESC) 2022. The APAC 4th Global Educational & Skill Conclave 2022 was an exciting evening full of thought-provoking discussions across the education sector. In addition, the conclave speaks on how educational institutions are looking to emulate or continue with the best practices in the hybrid education model that emerged during the pandemic.

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