November 28, 2023

KL Deemed to be University successfully launches its First Satellite – KLSAT

KL Deemed to be University successfully launches its First Satellite - KLSATHyderabad, September 29, 2023: KL Deemed to be University proudly announces the successful launch of its first satellite, KLSAT, from its Green Fields campus in Vijayawada. This momentous event occurred on September 27, 2023, at 6:30 AM and represents a significant advancement in atmospheric measurement technology. This miniature satellite, 1U CubeSat equipped with atmospheric sensors, reached an altitude of 28 kilometers (92,000feet), gathering valuable data for research purposes. During the landing process, it deployed its parachute to control the satellite’s velocity, and as expected safely landed within an approximately 80-kilometer radius. At 10:30 AM, signals from the satellite were tracked near Vutukuru.

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The KLSAT project is an endeavour aimed at advancing the understanding of atmospheric measurement technology in a given specific areas. It employs a complex system of interconnected components that work seamlessly together to capture and transmit crucial data, contributing to pioneering scientific research on Earth’s atmosphere.

The success of this mission hinges on the Telemetry layer, a fundamental component responsible for communication and data transmission. This layer comprises three vital elements: KLAP, SpaceSat Tracker Module, and GPS Module. KLAP, developed in-house at KL Deemed to be University, plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth data transmission and ground communication. The Ground Station Antennas, also meticulously designed in-house, operate at six frequencies across HF, UHF, and UHF bands. KLAP, a telemetry module, and SpaceSat Tracker are hardware modules that are indigenously developed, along with onboard computers, battery management, and other communication modules. Ground stations are established as part of the overall mission operations and observations.

Applauding the efforts of KLSAT team and University community,” Er. Koneru Satyanarayana, President of KL Deemed to be University said, “I am profoundly delighted to witness the successful launch of KL SAT, a testament to the relentless pursuit of knowledge and innovation that defines KL Deemed to be University. This achievement signifies not only a significant milestone in the field of atmospheric measurement technology but also a giant leap forward for our institution. We have always been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery and technological advancement.   As we reach venture into space, KLSAT will undoubtedly provide us with invaluable insights into Earth’s atmosphere. This mission represents the beginning of a new era for our university and a brighter future for scientific research. I am immensely proud of our university’s achievements, and I look forward to witnessing the discoveries that KLSAT”.

Dr. K. Sarat Kumar, Professor and Director, Research & Development, PR served as the KLSAT Mission Director and Chief of Operations, while Dr. K Ch Sri Kavya, Professor and Director, assumed the role of Chief Technology Officer. Twenty-two B.Tech students from Electronics and Communication  and Mechanical Engineering courses dedicated six months to software coding, hardware integration, assembly, testing, and the final module.

The entire project received proud funding and unwavering support from Er. Koneru Satyanarayana, Hon’ble President of KL Deemed to be University and the University’s administration. Dr. G Pardha Saradhi  Varma, the University Vice-Chancellor, Dr. AVS Prasad, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Dr. N. Venkatram, Pro Vice-Chancellor, and other esteemed authorities extend their heartfelt congratulations to the dedicated team members who have been instrumental in making this mission possible.

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