JBCN International School Hosts ‘Peek A Book’ Literature Festival

JBCN International School Hosts 'Peek A Book' Literature FestivalMumbai 27th May 2024: JBCN International SchoolBorivali, turned the page on love for literature with their enchanting Peek A Book Children’s Literature Festival. This immersive one-day event was a wonderland for children, bursting with the latest books, captivating stories, and the magic of storytelling. Young minds soared high in excitement as they met the country’s best-selling children’s authors, talented illustrators, and captivating performers.

The festival blossomed with a plethora of engaging activities, imaginative contests, and captivating performances, all crafted to spark a love for language and art. Peek A Book goes beyond mere literature, it is also about budding imaginations and crafting cherished memories for learners and families.

This festival unfolded like a thrilling adventure! For younger explorers (ages 4-6), the “Storyscape” zone offered enchanting debuts like “Prita the Jungle Dancer” narrated by Devki Bhujan Gajare and “No is a Good Word” by Bharti Singh.  Meanwhile, the “Room of Wonders” (ages 7-9) dazzled with captivating tales like “A Tale of a Naughty Prank” by Anand Neelakantan and “Miracle at Kachua Beach” by Nandita DaCunha. Older adventurers (ages 8-13) found themselves engrossed in fascinating reads like “What Maya Saw” by Shabnam Minwalla and “Blockprinted Tiger” by Joanna Rebello at the “Storytorium.” Aspiring young creators (ages 13-16) got their hands on inspiration at workshops like “The Art of Animation” led by Chetan Sharma and “Zen” by Shabnam Minwalla in the “Bookstores” zone.

This amazing festival was made even more memorable with the presence of three talented authors. Anand Neelakantan, a renowned writer of mythological fiction, captivated young minds with his fresh perspective on epic stories. Shabnam Minwalla, a Mumbai-based author with a background in journalism, brought her love of words and experience writing for children to the festival. Bharti Singh, a former corporate professional turned author and Waldorf educator, charmed audiences with her engaging stories and diverse interests.

Mr. Kunal Dalal, Managing Director, JBCN  Education, said, Peek A Book is a beautiful celebration of literature, nurturing a love for reading and storytelling in our young learners. Witnessing their excitement as they explored different worlds and interacted with creative minds was truly heartwarming. We are confident that this experience will stay with them for a long time, inspiring them to become lifelong readers and perhaps even future authors themselves.”

Supporting the viewpoint of Mr. Kunal, Mrs. Debika Chatterji, Director Principal of JBCN International SchoolBorivali, further said that “Peek A Book is not just a festival; it’s a gateway to a world of imagination and discovery. At JBCN International SchoolBorivali, we believe in nurturing the seeds of creativity and curiosity in every child. This festival is a reflection of our commitment to fostering a love for literature and storytelling among our young learners.”

The Peek A Book festival ended like a wonderful dream! It was a fun party for all the learners who love books. They got to hear exciting stories, meet their favourite authors, and even create their own adventures. The festival was filled with laughter, colours, and most importantly, the love for reading. Just like the happy ending in a story, the children left the festival with big smiles and a head full of ideas, ready to keep reading and maybe even write their own stories someday!

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