February 26, 2024

IIIT Bangalore Hosts CODS-COMAD Conference: A Confluence of Data Science Pioneers

Bangalore, 04th January, 2024: The International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIIT-B) announces its hosting of the International Conference on Data Science and Management of Data (CODS-COMAD) from January 4-7, 2024. CODS-COMAD, the flagship conference of ACM India Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (IKDD), promises to be a gathering of minds at the forefront of Data Science.

In a statement, Prof. Dinesh Babu Jayagopi, the hosting organizer, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, “IIIT-Bangalore has a strong research group in Data Science. The academic programs of IIIT-Bangalore in Data Science and AI is well-known. IIIT-Bangalore joins the elite list of institutions which has successfully hosted the CODS-COMAD conference.”

Further echoing this sentiment, Prof. Debabrata Das, Director of IIIT Bangalore, said, “IIIT-Bangalore welcomes all the national and international delegates. This is an opportunity to deliberate on the current progress and future directions of Data Science and Management of Data.”

The conference is set to witness an illustrious lineup of keynote speakers, featuring renowned academicians and industry experts in the field of Data Science. Notable figures such as Professors Thomas Dietterich, David Page, Sunita Sarawagi, Ragini Verma, Susam Davidson, and Partha Talukdar are set to deliver keynote talks, offering invaluable insights into the latest advancements and trends in the domain of Data Science.

A key highlight of the CODS-COMAD program includes tutorials and workshops on cutting-edge topics, with a special focus on Large Language Models (LLMs). These sessions aim to provide participants with hands-on experience and deep insights into emerging technologies, ensuring that attendees stay at the cutting edge of innovation in the area.

In a bid to encourage widespread participation, CODS-COMAD is offering close to 100 travel grants to students and faculty, facilitating their attendance and active engagement in this premier event.

The CODS-COMAD conference at IIIT-Bangalore represents an unparalleled opportunity for the global Data Science community to come together, share knowledge, and shape the future of this dynamic and rapidly evolving sector.

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