FOSTIIMA Business School holds Convocation Ceremony for 2 batches

FOSTIIMA Business School holds Convocation Ceremony for 2 batches

NEW DELHI: FOSTIIMA Business School, the renowned B-school of Delhi has recently conducted its Convocation Ceremony for the students of batch 2019-21 & 2020-22 at their campus. The event was graced by Mr P Dwarakanath, Former Chairman, GSK Consumer Healthcare & Mr S.Y. Siddiqui, Executive Advisor, Maruti Suzuki, Ind Pvt Ltd.

The ceremony witnessed the distribution of Certificates to the 360 graduating students. The Convocation Ceremony was attended by esteemed guests, faculty members, and students. Mr Anil Somani, Chairman FOSTIIMA, the Guests of Honour- Mr SY Siddiqui & Mr P Dwarakanath, Trustee-Mr Sunil Kala, and the Director, Dr S.C Kakkar, adorned the dais. The Guests of Honour motivated the students with their insightful speeches and shared their experiences and learnings with the gathering. The graduating students were awarded their well-earned Certificates on the completion of the rigorous academic program designed to cater to the changing demands of the industry.

Speaking at the Convocation 2023, and imparting some advice to the graduates, Mr S Y Siddhiqui, said, “It’s a privilege to be here at FOSTIIMA for the first time. There is one piece of advice I would like to give the students- that is to never enter the corporate world unprepared. In my case, when I initially entered the corporate world 44 years ago, we had such freedom since the climate was not so turbulent and volatile.”

Elaborating on the same, Mr. Siddiqui added “In my assessment, the majority of people who seek to build a competitive career invariably compare themselves to their peers, whereas they should compete with themselves to set higher benchmarks. Also, given that this is the life you will lead in the future, you will need to adapt and adopt well. Specifically, in corporations with this sort of work climate and volatility, it is your attitude that will determine whether and to what extent you succeed.”

Addressing the students at the ceremony and sharing his experience, Mr P. Dwaraknath, said, “First, you need to have clarity about your thoughts to acquire the right kind of knowledge and gain good experience. You should not worry about titles and positions as these are outcomes that will naturally follow. While working on the professional front, you should enjoy what you do, with utmost clarity of thought. Ultimately it is your attitude that takes to higher altitudes. You need to have the right attitude, positive thinking, a collaborative spirit, along with an ability to learn, unlearn and relearn. It is possible that what you have done today may not hold well after three or four years. To survive and grow, keep repeating the process.”

Speaking at the occasion and advising the new graduate students, Mr Anil Somani, remarked, “The two graduating batches that are here for the convocation today are extremely lucky to have such luminaries amongst us to hand over your degree and certificates. I’d also like to use this opportunity to offer some advice, which I believe every one of you should use as a guide in going forward. First, refrain from believing that your education is over at this point. You must realize that the world is constantly evolving, therefore keep acquiring new skills and new learnings by keeping your mind open to new experiences.”

“Second, you should always be open to embracing new ideas, technologies, and developments. Most importantly, though, you should always be honest, truthful, and ethical. Your decision will have a significant impact on your reputation and the respect you receive from your colleagues, superiors, juniors, and individuals in your immediate vicinity. Also, keep in mind that it is quite challenging to rebuild your reputation after a negative experience. So, it is vital to be truthful, honest, and ethical”, he further stated.

The curriculum at FOSTIIMA has been curated by taking inputs from eminent academicians, industry experts and leading global B-Schools, ensuring cutting-edge relevance to industry.

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