Ekya Schools Celebrate Exceptional Results in Class XII & X Board Examinations

Bengaluru, India May 14, 2024: Ekya Schools are proud to announce outstanding results in the Class XII and X board examinations, with a 100% pass percentage and remarkable achievements across various streams. The schools‘ commitment to academic excellence and holistic development is reflected in the exceptional performance of its students.

Class XII Top Scorers Shine:

  • Harshita Davey, Mridula Sridhar, and Rakshitaasai Karthinarayanan led the way with an impressive 96.6% each. Harshita, a Commerce student, is a talented guitarist, Carnatic singer, and dancer, aspiring to be an entrepreneur. Mridula, from the Humanities stream, excels in creative writing and extempore, with a passion for fashion styling. Rakshitaasai, also from Humanities, is a national-level basketball player and gold medalist in the English Olympiad, with a passion for working with non-profit organizations and dreams of becoming a forensic psychologist.

  • Adithya Harish and Vaishnavi Kalla secured 96.2%. Adithya, a dedicated coder with a passion for computer science, has participated in coding competitions at IIT Bombay and aspires to a successful engineering career. Vaishnavi is curious about politics, history, and society. She is an avid reader and aims to become a lawyer and a journalist.

Class XII Subject-Wise Excellence:

Ekya Schools‘ students demonstrated exceptional subject-wise proficiency, securing 11 centums in total:

  • Adithya Harish (Chemistry)

  • Vaishnavi Kalla (Political Science)

  • Afsheen Nadaf (Design & Fine Arts)

  • Ajitesh Choudhury (Design)

  • Rakshitaasai Karthinarayanan (Sociology)

  • Janya Khurana (Psychology)

Class X Top Achievers:

  • Aryan Agarwal led the EITPL Class X with 96.8%, while Dhruv Preet Singh followed closely with 96.6%. Aryan’s achievements span across sporting achievements and academic excellence and has a strong commitment to community service through organizing fundraisers for underprivileged children. 

  • Aadya Jha (95.8%), Vibhav Bhagat (95.8%), Arundhati Anand (95.4%), Kaavya Agrawal (95.4%), and Ahaana Singhal (95%) also showcased outstanding results, contributing to the overall success of Ekya Schools.

Class X Subject-Wise Excellence:

Ekya Schools‘ Class X students also secured centums in several subjects:

  • Vibhav Bhagat (Mathematics)

  • Ahaana Singhal (Mathematics & Science)

  • Prisha Mohanty (Hindi)

  • Shreyas S (Social Science)

Overall Academic Brilliance:

In addition to the top scorers and centums, Ekya Schools witnessed a commendable overall performance across all streams and subjects, underscoring the school’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals equipped for future success. This remarkable performance not only underscores the school’s dedication to academic excellence but also reinforces its reputation as a beacon of quality education in Bengaluru.

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