Campus 365’s iTimetable saves over 4 hours of students’ and teachers’ time per week

New Delhi May 04, 2022: Timetables, for how essential they are, are often overlooked. Usually, timetables are carried on a flimsy sheet of paper and can get easily lost, and the time spent structuring it is a challenge. To counter this issue, Campus 365 has released its iTimetable feature, which is a consolidation of teachers’ and students’ schedules.

Students’ and teachers’ collaborative efforts help make timetables concise and effective for everyone involved. The iTimetable saves approximately 3-4 hours per week for teachers and students alike. The capabilities of this timetable are far beyond just managing classes. Not only does it eliminate paperwork, but it also helps streamline payment processing. The digital timetable keeps track of classes to reach error-free schedule management.

Timetables, when implemented effectively, create harmony and a comfortable environment for students and teachers. The timetable has a basic set of features that can be accessed in the initial stages. These are course and class management, batch and section segregation, and the assigned professors.

The iTimetable also has a Recurring Feature that allows school admins and teachers to schedule recurring periods in the timetable for a selected day and date range. Timetables can also be imported to streamline the process.

Campus 365 has established itself to be one of the most trusted School ERP systems, with over 1000+ schools employing its services. They have established their presence in 400+ cities with over 200000+ students.

Mayank Singh, CEO and Founder of Campus 365 said, “I remember how much of challenge paper timetables used to be, and this was if we had a timetable at all. Organization and structure help students thrive. However, with my experience in speaking to teachers, I’ve realized that they too need the structure to maintain more than just schedules. Their payrolls, assignments, grading- virtually everything depends on a good timetable. Therefore, we’ve been building and improving on the iTimetable for years.”

The iTimetable has been in the works for years, but Campus 365 decided that a collaborative system was the right call for the timetable. The company is focused on improving the mental health of students and teachers and believes that structure can benefit people in the long run.

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