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Bachpan Play Schools’ Unique VR Enables the Young Ones to Learn By Exploring the World, Virtually

New Delhi, July, 2022- Bachpan, the nations’ leading pre-school provider, is making learning a better and more fulfilling experience for kids under 2-5 years old through its one-of-a-kind Virtual Reality integration in the classroom curriculum. This aligns with one of Bachpans’ main philosophies which is to include edutainment into the curriculum and integrate technology into preschool education.

Virtual reality (VR) may convert vague and ethereal ideas into concrete environments for kids to clearer understanding. It is an interactive and fun way of learning. It uses realistic software and hardware that simulates a fully artificial environment.

In addition, VR also aids in the development of high order thinking skills (HOTS) which can be realistically applied by students in the near future. Bachpans’ unique VR concept allows the children to digitally learn from the real-world examples. Simply by being physically present in the class, they can virtually visit the zoo, planetarium, or anywhere in the world by using the screen-fitted goggles known as Headgear.

Commenting on this, Mr Ajay Gupta, CEO and Founder of Bachpan Play School added, “I have always wanted our kids to have the best learning experience. This was the major reason that I thought about Virtual Reality (VR) for them. Well, you see, VR refers to the computer-generated real-time experience. It immerses the learner completely and makes complex concepts easy to understand. And when our kids actually understand the things they are taught, don’t you think education will serve its true purpose only then? Isn’t it only then that their imagination and creativity will get a real boost? Without doubt.”

The award-winning play school also thinks that concepts may be easily understood because of 3D viewing and the practicality linked to theoretical areas.

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