Westside goes LIMITLESS with Sameera Reddy and Sakshi Sindwani

Westside goes LIMITLESS with Sameera Reddy and Sakshi Sindwani

New Delhi, 21st October 2022: One of India’s leading fashion brands, Westside recently launched the second chapter of its iconic ‘Limitless’campaign in Delhi. Westside has partnered with Sameera Reddy to champion the Limitless campaign and for the Delhi edition, the brand collaborated with Sakshi Sindwani to build on the messaging of body positivity and inclusivity. The women engaged in a riveting conversation about their personal struggles around body image, challenging society’s conventional expectations of what women should look like and charting out their own journey.

The objective of this campaign is to create a community where everyone can express themselves and be true to who they are.The ladies spoke about self-love, body positivity, and shared personal anecdotes about body image. The chit-chat was followed by a fashion show and a short meet & greet with Westside community and fans.

Speaking about the campaign and the collaboration, Umashan Naidoo, Head of Consumer and Beauty, Westside said, “Our campaign and podcast, Limitless is anchored by Sameera Reddy that explores brave conversations with iconic women. Hence for this chapter, we collaborated with Sakshi Sindwani, an advocate of inclusivity. Our collaboration with the two ladies was effortless as they share the same quest as we at Westside do and that is building an inclusive space for all. Also, at Westside, we love relationships, self-expression, and family. Our ongoing festive campaign, Everyone’s Invited – is a celebration of people aimed to spread love and fashion”.

Speaking on the campaign, Sameera Reddy said, “Brands have the power to influence society. It’s amazing when a fashion brand like Westside goes beyond the norm. I feel lucky to be a part of an impactful campaign like Limitless.”

Adding on to it,Sakshi Sindwani said “A platform like Limitless acknowledges the fact that we need to free ourselves from societal standards. It reminds us that regardless of conventions – we can be our truest selves, and do amazing things.”

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