Webinar on Empowering women through English

Webinar on Empowering women through EnglishNew Delhi, 01st April 2024:webinar on ‘Empowering women through English’ was held at the British Lingua platform on the closing day of the financial year 2023-2024 to kickstart the online English Language Awareness Programme (Elap) for the women folk living in far-flung areas of the country to bridge the social gap and divide.
Ms. Manju Jha, the senior lawyer of Patna High Court, spoke as the event’s chief guest and said, “As a legal professional, I believe that all women, regardless of position, require strong communication skills in the context of multilingualism and post-90’s globalization, with English serving as the link language.”
 “Life flows well when men and women define their wavelength, even in terms of communication skills, much as the wheels of a chariot run smoothly and arrive at their destination if each is properly lubricated and balanced.”, citing an example, the learned advocate further added, on the day.
While endorsing the far-reaching programme, Ms. Jha averred, “Dr Birbal Jha, the founder of British Lingua, needs no introduction. His initiative, ‘Elap’, will go a long way, and every woman should join the session and reap the benefits of the module designed for this purpose. This will improve the status and the living standard of the candidates enrolling for the course.”
“Parents, especially mothers, have a significant influence on their children. As a result, training women in English skills will benefit not only their children and families but society as a whole. As a result, female candidates from all around the country are welcome to join the British Lingua online platform, which has the objective of empowering women through English.”, said noted author Dr Birbal Jha, who is accredited with creating a revolution in English training in India.
“Everyone is required to be conversant in English. It is the spirit of the three-language formula in the education system of the country. It has been in practice ever since the Official Language Act passed in the country way back in 1963, wherein English is compulsory.”, pointed out Dr Birbal Jha, author of ‘English for Social Justice in India’.
According to reports, many divorces occur simply as a result of misunderstandings and communication gaps. Given this, Dr. Jha believes that the time has come to assist spouses in developing compatibility abilities, with excellent communication skills playing a critical part.
Dr. Birbal Jha shared his own experience at his institution, explaining how, interestingly, grandparents have recently begun to take English language classes, including pronunciation skills, in order to get on with and be on par with their convent school-going grandkids.
Prominently among others, those in attendance included Prof. Aruna Chaudhary from Patna University, Advocate Shweta Kumari, Social Worker Pushpa Prakash, Baby Kumari from Bihar’s Begusarai and Pushpa Prajapati from Punjab.

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