Vserve Funds Underprivileged Girls’ College and Hostel Fees in CSR Drive

New-Delhi May 22nd, 2024: Vserve, an e-commerce business solutions enterprise serving 200+ companies all over the world with an experience of 7+ years, is proud to unravel its philanthropic services for the underprivileged girls, in Coimbatore, by funding for their semester expenses and hostel costs, along with providing them shelter as a part of their Sathya Jeevan Charitable Trust, and MariaLaya shelter home.

Right to education and right to shelter are two of the most fundamental rights of a citizen, as enlisted by our constitution. But because of being underprivileged and distraught, a large proportion of youth — especially young maidens — fail to access them, and are often found uneducated and shelterless. Due to this, most of them spend their lives on streets by begging or performing the most menial jobs.

In such a circumstance, corporates like Vserve come to the fore like a messiah, and organise funds through charities and donations for these underprivileged girls. Committed towards making lives better for the downtrodden, Through Sathya Jeevan Charitable Trust, Vserve’s CSR team sketches out the semester expenses required per head, by different colleges, and provides funds for their education, to ensure that the best vocational courses may be made available to these underprivileged.

This is followed by Vserve’s  MariaLaya Shelter Home, wherein the abandoned and dejected girls are provided shelter. For this purpose, Vserve’s CSR team figures out the needy ones, arranges charities, and seeks donations from the well-off individuals. Afterwards, they allocate these funds for the maintenance of the abandoned girls while shifting them into their MariaLaya shelter which secures their dignity, provides them a better life, and gives them a roof under which they may not have to depend on begging.

‘The underprivileged girls deserve their fair share of education like anyone else. By receiving quality education they become capable in deciding their right path towards a better future. And to help them in receiving the best possible education, we are determined to do whatever it takes,’ said Mr. Siva Balakrishnan, the Founder and CEO at Vserve. ‘We worship womankind in our culture as goddesses. And to provide them their fundamental rights, is as indispensable to us as breathing,’ he added.

As an integral part of the core values of CSR, Vserve envisions a world where the youth may be equipped with vocational training and specialised skills, through which they may explore a wide vista of opportunities directed towards the betterment of their lives. Through this, Vserve aims at turning the tables of downtroddenness and beggary upside-down.

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