Unlocking Holistic Wellness: Trijog-Know Your Mind Launches New Experience Centre

Unlocking Holistic Wellness: Trijog-Know Your Mind Launches New Experience CentreJune 21, 2024: Trijog-Know Your Mind proudly announces the grand opening of its innovative therapy haven, strategically located at Hiranandani Gardens, Powai. This transformative initiative underscores Trijog’s commitment to providing holistic mental health care solutions for individuals, corporates, and communities.

More than a workspace, the headquarters embodies ‘YOUR SAFE SPACE,’ reflecting Trijog’s ethos of fostering healing and personal growth. The interiors feature serene hues, ample natural light, and plush furnishings, ensuring every visitor experiences a profound sense of peace upon arrival.

Our mission at Trijog-Know Your Mind is to redefine mental health care, “says Arushi Sethi Shah, Co-Founder & CEO. “‘YOUR SAFE SPACE’ offers a retreat-like atmosphere, inviting clients to engage fully in their healing journey, whether they are CEOs managing anxiety, adults navigating relationship challenges, families improving interpersonal dynamics, or children coping with autism”.

Sehaj Sethi, Co-Founder & COO, adds, “We believe in the transformative power of community. Beyond our physical presence, we aim to extend a ripple effect of wellness, creating a psychological community”.

The facility hosts over 120 professionals capable of designing personalized therapeutic plans tailored to individual needs. Trijog’s holistic approach spans diverse demographics, including corporate clients benefitting from specialized well-being programs.

In addition to its Mumbai base, Trijog serves clients online across 28 states in India, with plans for international expansion. This initiative underscores Trijog’s commitment to global mental wellness and community support. Trijog has already commenced operations in the UAE for industrial purposes, and its retail market has made strides into the United States Of America.

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