November 28, 2023
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UniFarm announces the launch of Thunder Farm…

September 2022: UniFarm, announces the launch of Thunder Farm which will go live on ETH network in Yield Farming featuring 4 leading blockchain projects including UniFarm($UFARM). Playcent($PCNT), Zignally ($ZIG) and Cub Token ($CUBT). The duration of staking in Thunder Farms is for 60 days. The user can stake any of the above-mentioned tokens and earn a minimum guaranteed APY of 60% through UniFarm’s platform The stakers can maximize their rewards by upto 400% by purchasing a Booster Pack. This is an unlocked pool and users can unstake and claim their confirmed rewards anytime.

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The stakers of Thunder Farms will also get a chance to be whitelisted for the upcoming SportzChain IDO on UniFarm Launchpad — UniLaunch.

Thunder Farms projects offering-

– UniFarm($UFARM) is a Web 3 enabler that acts as a one-stop solution for every problem that a DeFi startup will face right from the very onset with launching their IDO (to raise money) to providing utility to their token via staking solution to help them scale.
– Playcent($PCNT) is a blockchain-based user-generated content platform for interactive apps and games. Playcent’s suite of products includes an NFT marketplace and a hyper-casual gaming platform.
– Zignally($ZIG) connects investors with top digital asset managers so that you can share the profits. It’s never been easier to invest in Crypto.
– Cub Token ($CUBT) is an experiment in decentralization, an ongoing development project. CubToken bridges the gap between the Web2 centralized mindset and the Web3 decentralized movement.

Additional benefits
● Thunder Farms Gold NFT – The users will be eligible for a Gold NFT by staking a
minimum of $50 in this Yield Farming that will be live till the end of October 2022.

● The Gold NFT holders are eligible to participate in all 3 Mega Events worth
$10000 of reward pool for 115 winners in the activities- Crypto Poker
Tournament, Mini Hackathon and Meme Carnival
● The stakers can win Silver NFT Airdrops by participating in the promotional
-AMA on Telegram
-Passive Income Conclave
-Staking Referrals
-Spaces on twitter

On the launch of the Thunder Farms Mr. Bartolome R. Bordallo, CEO & Co-Founder, Zignaly, said, “ Partnering with Unifarm is one of the many steps towards ensuring a sustained ecosystem growth for Zignaly and the ZIG Coin. He further added that Zignaly Co- Founders and strategic team is highly confident in a long term relationship with Unifarm, with a goal of forming synergies that are mutually beneficial for both the communities.” 

Further added, Mr. Mohit Madan, CEO and Co-founder said, “After incredible demand in our early cohorts, we are excited to bring continued gamified farming for token holders looking to gain exposure to multiple DeFi projects in one pool”.

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