October 3, 2023

Unicommerce launches Advance ‘Bundle Management Solution’ to help online retailers increase cart size

New Delhi, August 22, 2022: Unicommerce, India’s leading integrated SaaS platform for post-purchase experience management, has announced the launch of its ‘Advanced Bundle Management’ tool. The feature is designed to enable companies to sell multiple products together, increase the average order value and optimise shipping costs.

Currently, around five million bundled orders are processed every month through the Unicommerce platform, which includes some of the leading companies such as Mosaic wellness, Boat, Oziva, Emami, Go mechanic, Phool, Alpino, Fablestreet and many more. The number of bundle orders is expected to further rise with more and more retailers starting to leverage the advanced bundle management solution to offer an enhanced experience to their end consumers.

The tool enables sellers to effortlessly offer different bundled options, without having to physically create the bundles in advance, which means the same inventory can be used for multiple bundle options since the inventory is not physically blocked in advance. The tool also simplifies warehouse operations and leads to error-free deliveries since orders are processed only when all the items in the bundle are available. The tool assists businesses with inventory synchronisation, and order routing and includes an internal program to manage special tax for bundles. The tool also works seamlessly for companies with customised product offerings & managing bulk orders of B2B operations.

Unicommerce’s advanced bundle management solution is set to bring immense value to retailers, especially in the Beauty & Personal care and the FMCG segment where products are often sold in bundles.

In product bundling, multiple goods are bundled together and offered as a single item for a single price. It leads to increase in profitability as grouping products together allows businesses to encourage customers to buy multiple goods at once, raising the average order value. Additionally, it helps businesses to increase sales while lowering marketing and distribution expenses.

Commenting on the launch, Kapil Makhija, CEO of Unicommerce, said, “We have invested aggressively in R&D to develop tech-enabled solutions that help sellers & platform drive efficiencies and growth. Our advanced bundle management solution are supporting brands to increase their “average cart size” in an agile and intelligent manner, while optimising inventory utilization and logistics costs. We have witnessed growing adoption of the advanced bundle management solution as companies sharpen their focus on improving profitability.”

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