Trendy Flooring solution that can magnify the overall look of space

Flooring plays a vital role in enhancing the overall look and feel of any interior or exterior space. It is not just an element that adds to the aesthetics but also serves as a foundation for design and style. Hence, choosing the right flooring solution becomes critical to stand out with your space’s design and feel. When making a choice, one must consider factors such as quality, durability, style, and availability to conclude informed decision-making.

Several Indian brands offer competitive and aesthetic flooring solutions for both commercial and residential sectors. Here are some of the most popular ones that are synonymous with quality and durability:

SOMANY Ceramics

Somany Ceramics Ltd. is an extremely popular and renowned brand for ceramic tiles in India. The company has an extensive range and designs of ceramic flooring options, backed by innovative technologies like Slip shield tiles which comprise the glaze of a homogeneous solution of inorganic oxide that gives it a slip resistance property. The brand also offers Temp Shield tiles which are ideal for surfacing sides and rooftops because of the glaze in these tiles which helps to reduce room temperature and save on energy bills. The brand also has an exclusive range of patented VC shield tiles for preventing abrasion of day-to-day wear and tear. Somany Ceramics offers world-class quality and exports to over 40 countries. The brand provides a vast variety of patterns, colors, textures, and sizes in the floor and wall tiles, making it easy for you to choose the perfect fit for your space.

Kajaria Ceramics

Kajaria Ceramics Ltd is another excellent brand that integrates technology and exquisite designs. Kajaria Tiles is the flagship product of this ceramics giant and is crafted with trendy designs, graceful colors, and low maintenance characteristics to ensure durability.

Orient Bell

Orient Bell is a brand that aims to create a relaxing space by providing high-quality tiles with advanced technology. Orient Bell offers a wide range of vitrified, ceramic, digital, anti-skid, forever, and germ-free floor tiles, all of which come with unique specifications.

Nitco Tiles

Nitco Tiles & Marble is a trusted brand in the ceramic industry with over 60 years of design expertise. Nitco provides a one-stop destination for customers who prefer natural earthy vibes or wooden-based tiles with additional benefits such as scratch resistance, stain resistance, and easy maintenance.

CERA India

Cera manufactures high-gloss polish, matte, satin, wood matte, and many other types of tiles. Cera India provides tiles with the latest technology to create charming concrete flooring for every space.

Concluding upon the right brand for flooring solutions in India is crucial for a successful construction project. Tiles become an automatic choice among consumers due to their flexibility, easy maintenance, and durability. Thus, brands that prioritize material quality, sustainability, and durability are suitable for Indian markets and consumers. With these considerations in mind, one can decide upon the perfect flooring solution for their space. However, thorough R&D often goes a long way in eliminating billing shocks and last-minute jeopardy.

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