December 9, 2023

Top 3 Tech solutions helping furniture retailers drive better growth

The lines between shopping online and in-store are becoming increasingly blurred. Furniture retail is one sector where the gap is closing increasingly rapidly. Keeping in touch at every touchpoint has been imperative for all furniture retailers as it is becoming a competitive market with new entrants.

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One way to tap and engage with shoppers across online and offline touch-points is by implementing relevant cutting-edge modern technology. As it aids retailers to better understand the customer journey and increase loyalty leading to repeat purchases and increased order values.

One of the key modern tech tools like SaaS, AI AR &VR are revolutionizing the furniture retail industry.

 With many retailers now implementing new tech to stay ahead of the curve, Here are the top 3 tech solutions being used to bolster the in-store experience:-

Vizstore by Flipspaces (SaaS +AR & VR)

VIZSTORE, A SaaS product is a virtual store that allows interior product owners to digitize the product display, visualization and selection experience aided by virtual reality technology. Embracing the cutting edge technology of VR & AR aids furniture and furnishing retail to cut down on the store rent and also helps them to drive growth and sales

Adobe Sensei by Magento (AI)

Leveraging Intelligence from industry-leading AI, Magento (Adobe Commerce Now) helps B2B and B2C customers on a single platform with catalog to payment to fulfillment, with its future-proof technology. It also helps with everything from catalogue updates, site content creation, product recommendations, fulfillment and customer targeting and personalization.

Embedded Augmented Reality by IKEA Places (AR)

Leveraging the use of AR Technology, IKEA Place lets one virtually place true-to-scale 3D models in your very own space. It allows customers to see what certain products look like around their home using the camera on their mobile device.

If furniture retailers can incorporate this tech into their online experiences, shoppers can place products they’ve seen in-store, and further have an increasing chance of winning their business.

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