TOEFL® Introduces Exciting Rebrand in India

New Delhi, India May 30th, 2024: ETS today unveiled the rebranding of the TOEFL® suite of assessments, including the globally respected TOEFL iBT®. This marks a significant step towards aligning with the dynamic needs of modern learners, educators, and professionals in India and around the world. Trusted globally for its accuracy in evaluating English-language proficiency, TOEFL iBT® is crucial for academic and professional success across continents.

The refreshed brand identity of TOEFL captures its commitment to innovation, authenticity, and optimism, catering to a new generation of learners and global citizens. The rebrand positions TOEFL not just as a test, but as a partner in the journey of students and professionals aiming to study, live, and work abroad.

The rebrand includes a new visual and verbal style that makes TOEFL more approachable and inclusive. Significant updates such as the introduction of a shortened test format and the launch of the TOEFL® TestReady™ platform are part of this change. The new logo features a stylized asterisk, mirroring the recently updated ETS logo, symbolizing a shared dedication to advancing educational and professional measurement and research.

This rebranding also addresses the evolving aspirations of India‘s youth, who seek impactful ways to express their talents and achieve their dreams. TOEFL has long supported individuals in transforming their aspirations into reality, and with its proven research and innovation, it continues to meet the diverse needs of its varied audience.

Omar Chihane, General Manager of TOEFL, stated, “TOEFL empowers people worldwide to realize their full potential, which translates into more than personal success. Our learners aim to create a positive impact in the world, and mastering English helps them lay the groundwork for this change. This rebrand reflects our commitment to supporting them on this journey.”

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