To tackle rising health concerns CK Birla Hospital®, Delhi organized the Obesity Support Group Meet

To tackle rising health concerns CK Birla Hospital®, Delhi organized the Obesity Support Group MeetNew Delhi, 11th December 2023: To raise awareness about obesity and its associated health risks and to provide support to individuals struggling with weight management, CK Birla Hospital®, Delhi, today organized obesity support group meet in collaboration with the Centre for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery (COMS). The event was attended by 50 participants who learned about obesity awareness, body mass analysis, and diet support.

Obesity is a growing concern in India, with over 11% of the population classified as obese. This poses serious health risks, including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Obesity can also significantly impact the quality of life, leading to social isolation, low self-esteem, and depression. To address this public health issue, organizing obesity support groups will prove to be an effective approach, as studies have shown that participants are more likely to lose weight and maintain weight loss compared to those who do not participate in such groups.

Dr Sukhvinder Singh Saggu, GI & Bariatric Surgeon at CK Birla Hospital®, was the keynote speaker at the event. He discussed the causes of obesity, its impact on overall health, and effective strategies for weight management. He also spoke about the importance of body mass analysis (BMI) and how it can be used to assess individual risk factors. Additionally, he provided practical tips on creating a healthy diet and lifestyle plan.

Adding a testament to the hospital’s commitment to delivering global standards of clinical excellence, CK Birla Hospital®, Delhi, has been recognized as the 4th hospital in the National Capital Region (NCR) and the 23rd in India to be awarded the Center of Excellence for Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery by the Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society of India. This accolade underscores the hospital’s dedication to advancing the field of bariatric and metabolic surgery, further solidifying its position as a leader in healthcare.

Dr Sukhvinder Singh Saggu, Director of Minimal Access, GI & Bariatric Surgery at the CK Birla Hospital®, Delhi passionately advocates for proactive measures to combat the global obesity epidemic. He asserts, “Obesity is a rapidly increasing global concern that demands our immediate attention. Our obesity support group aims to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about their health, a proactive step towards a healthier, more fulfilling life. With more than 25% of people in India obese or overweight, the need for such initiatives has never been more pressing. “

Mr. Vipul Jain, Chief Business Officer, CK Birla Hospital®, Delhi, expressed his views on the hospital’s holistic care approach, stating, “Our mission at the CK Birla Hospital® is to offer personalized care to each and every patient and promote holistic well-being. We believe in empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health, and this obesity support group is a testament to our commitment to the community’s well-being.”

Mr. Amit Sharma, Vice President at CK Birla Hospital®, Delhi also shared that “Organizing the Obesity Support Group was a crucial step towards creating a society where individuals struggling with weight management feel supported and empowered to take control of their health. We are committed to providing ongoing support to our participants and promoting a culture of health and wellness in Delhi.”

The event also featured interactive sessions where participants could share their experiences, ask questions, and connect with others who are facing similar challenges. This initiative aligns with CK Birla Hospital’s commitment to promoting holistic healthcare and empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their well-being.

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