Tips for Following Up With Leads After Your Trade Show

Tips for Following Up With Leads After Your Trade Show

Your business’s marketing work shouldn’t stop when a trade show ends. In fact, one of the biggest trade show mistakes businesses make is not pursuing leads after the show. If you’re looking for unique ways your business can reach out to new customers after a trade show, here are some tips for following up with leads.

Send Reminders of the Event

One of the best ways to turn potential leads into new customers is to act fast. Remind your interested parties about the interactions you shared at the trade show. Include pictures of your trade show exhibit in emails, text messages, and other forms of marketing media. If your business gave away coupons or codes for in-store or online promotions during the event, remind customers not to waste their potential savings opportunities.

Create a Follow-Up Campaign

One reminder email could easily get lost in the recipient’s inbox, resulting in a lost lead. This is why you should consider creating an email campaign for your new mailing sign-ups. If you’re not familiar, campaigns consist of several emails you send at different intervals. For example, start by sending the first follow-up email one or two days after the event. You can then schedule a second and third follow-up email with reminders and new calls to action one to two days after the initial email. This encourages engagement with your store or website and makes it more likely that the customer will notice your message.

Target Your Trade Show Audience on Socials

Finally, don’t forget about social media when following up after a trade show. Many businesses post on social media to advertise their appearance before the trade show but forget to follow up afterward. Share pictures of your trade show booth, images of your team interacting with customers and partners, and more to build interest in your future trade show appearances. This will also help build brand recognition with your new followers from the event.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your trade show’s return on investment, don’t forget these tips for following up with leads after a trade show. Always take these marketing opportunities to pursue new leads and increase your customer base after a convention.

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