Third Wave Coffee introduces Spent Coffee giveaways to celebrate World Environment Day

Third Wave Coffee introduces Spent Coffee giveaways to celebrate World Environment Day India, Bangalore, 6th June 2024: In celebration of World Environment Day and beyond, Third Wave Coffee is taking a significant step towards reducing coffee waste by offering customers free Spent Coffee at all its stores across India. This initiative aims to promote sustainable practices and raise awareness about the uses of spent coffee.

The idea of giving away Spent Coffee was inspired by the positive response from customers to Third Wave Coffee’s previous practice of distributing plants in Spent Coffee. This eco-friendly approach not only garnered significant interest but also highlighted the potential of Spent Coffee as a valuable resource. Recognizing this enthusiasm, Third Wave Coffee decided to expand the initiative, making Spent Coffee giveaways a permanent feature in their cafes.

“We were overwhelmed by the positive response to our park initiative,” said Ayush Bathwal, Co-founder at Third Wave Coffee. “It became clear that people have grown increasingly self-aware and conscientious about their environmental footprint. This is reflected in subtle and incremental sustainable practices and habits across all facets of their lives. By encouraging our customers to reuse coffee grounds, we hope to inspire them to explore sustainable solutions in their daily lives and contribute to a healthier planet. As we explore and learn more about sustainable practices ourselves, we encourage our customers to join us on this journey. We’re excited to see the positive impact this initiative will have on our community and beyond.”

Spent Coffee grounds have a multitude of uses beyond just being a byproduct of a morning brew. They are excellent for gardening, enriching soil with essential nutrients, making them perfect for composting and fertilizing plants. Additionally, coffee grounds can deter pests such as slugs and snails, absorb and eliminate odors in various settings from refrigerators to shoes, and serve as an effective cleaning agent for scrubbing pots and pans.

Third Wave Coffee acknowledges that there is more work to be done in its sustainability journey. “While we are excited to launch this initiative, we are also taking steps to address other areas of our operations, we are committed to continuous improvement to become more eco-friendly.”, added Ayush. 

Third Wave Coffee is committed to giving away around 500 Kgs of Spent Coffee grounds just on Environment Day.

Customers can visit any Third Wave Coffee location and request Spent Coffee for their personal use. The Spent Coffee will be available for free, encouraging customers to explore its many applications and integrate sustainable practices into their daily lives.

Join the Movement

Third Wave Coffee invites all coffee lovers and the broader community to join them in celebrating World Environment Day by taking advantage of this initiative. Visit any Third Wave Coffee store across India and pick up your Spent Coffee grounds. Together, we can brew a more sustainable future, one cup at a time.

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