The Great Eastern Home Art Nouveau Console with a mirror

The Great Eastern Home’s Art Nouveau collection

Art Nouveau (“New Art” in French) was a popular art style from the early 1890s. Art Nouveau is a design, architecture, and visual arts movement that was prominent in the early 20th century and continues to have an impact on interior design today.

The Great Eastern Home is renowned for housing furniture from all around the world, and has many Art Nouveau collectibles. Art Nouveau furniture pieces display long, sinuous lines that flow and curl in natural ways. This linear style was influenced by the flattened space and flowing lines of Japanese art, which was a popular influence among artists at the time. In Art Nouveau, the lines are often in the form of whiplash curves, long curved lines that extend out, then bend back on themselves.

The furniture is created with hardwoods, especially walnut, oak, and exotic hardwoods such as teak. Art Nouveau artists used a unique process of inlay, in which small pieces of different-colored hardwoods and other natural materials are cut out and pieced together to form a flat, ornately decorative surface. Many furniture pieces also incorporated elegantly curved and bent metals.

The Art Nouveau collection from The Great Eastern Home includes chairs, consoles, vases, lamps, and more. With its spectacular interior options, Art Nouveau furniture and design is still a favourite among homeowners. Make the most of your space by adding an exquisite Art Nouveau piece of furniture from The Great Eastern Home to furnish a pleasant space.

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