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The Body Shop Introduces Edelweiss: The Resilient Flower with All the Antioxidant Power.

August 1st2022, Monday: Bringing the phrase ‘Flower Power’ to life, The Body Shop, a Britain-based international personal care brand, has launched a transversal skincare range infused with the Edelweiss flower, known for its remarkable antioxidant properties. The Body Shop has packed powerful natural protection systems found in Edelweissinto its new range covered in more sustainable and recyclable packaging, reiterating the brand’s commitment to “Changemaking Beauty”.The Vegan certified Edelweiss line-up includes Edelweiss Daily Serum Concentrate, Edelweiss Eye Serum Concentrate, Edelweiss Serum Concentrate Sheet Mask, Edelweiss Bouncy Jelly Mist, Edelweiss Liquid Peel, Edelweiss Cleansing Concentrate, and Edelweiss Intense Smoothing Cream.

Found growing in brutal Alpine conditions against extreme wind, snow and rain, the resilient Edelweiss flower thrives. It protects and repairs itself, thanks to its natural antioxidants, including Leontopodic acid, which is only produced when the flower is in distress. Growing in rocky, limestone areas, the Edelweiss flower offers benefits to maintain the skin barrier’s health and smoothen the skin’s surface for all skin types and ages.

Around 80% of our daily skin issues like dryness, itchiness, redness, irritation, acne, etc., are the result of pollution and dust, which make the skin appear dull, parched, and tired. Edelweiss stem cells and Edelweiss extract which contain hard-working antioxidants are combined with natural-origin peptides that protect the skin from external aggregators. While most peptides on the market are synthetic, The Body Shop sources from rice, a natural-origin alternative.

Vishal Chaturvedi, Vice President, The Body Shop India said, Beauty for us is a wellness-based approach focused on self-care, hygiene and protection. Sustainable, efficient, and ethical skincare is something that forms the core of our beliefs. For us, the product and ingredient innovation generates from deep insights into consumer needs. The Body Shop’s Edelweiss skincare range is transversal – for all ages and skin types. We are excited to launch an all new ethically sourced ingredient with natural origin. 

Edelweiss extract is 43% more powerful than Retinol, making it incredibly effective in protecting the skin’s barrier. With immense lifestyle stress, building our skin barrier and making it resilient like the Edelweiss flower is necessary for supple, radiant skin. Of course, like with all our other products, the Edelweiss collection, too, will come in sustainable, recyclable packaging to ensure we remain eco-friendly. We believe in skincare that makes people feel empowered and confident, and that’s precisely what our Edelweiss collection will do.”

With its unwavering commitment to sustainability, ethical sourcing, and the environment, The Body Shop extracts the power of the Edelweiss flower while adhering to its strict ‘Green Chemistry’ principles. The brand’s trusted supplier harvests the flower by hand with its extracts drawn through zero chemical waste methods and distilled using a renewable process. The Body Shop works with expert botanists to ensure the flower isn’t harvested from regions where it is endangered to conserve Alpine biodiversity.For more information, visit .

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