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Taxi Butler celebrates ‘50 Million taxis booked using Taxi Butler devices

Taxi Butler celebrates 50 million taxis booked with their one-click taxi booking devices. With over 15 years of experience as a market leader, Taxi Butler develops a unique, world-class range of one-click B2B taxi booking devices and services to make ordering a taxi effortless for venues like hotels, bars, and restaurants. The Taxi Butler devices are built for taxi companies, designed around the needs of venues and passengers. Taxi fleets working with Taxi Butler have successfully increased their market share, growth, revenue, and improved their automation rates. Alongside its simplicity, this taxi booking device saves time, gets more customers for taxi companies, reduces the pressure on call centres, and brings significant customer loyalty, making it an easy and pleasant way for passengers to commence their journey.

Taxi Butler – 15 years of innovation and automation
Founded by Steven Blom and Otto Ruys in 2007, Taxi Butler is revolutionising how taxis are booked from venues.

‘Taxi Butler currently operates in more than 45 countries across 6 continents, facilitating thousands of taxi bookingsevery month. We believe in one fundamental thing: connecting people. It’s the foundation of everything that we do.
Since our inception, We’ve has been addressing challenges that the industry faces and providing innovative and simple solutions to things like automation, connectivty, customer loyalty, and many more. Today, after years of tackling the taxi industry’s concerns, our customers, products and team continue to thrive.’

Completing 50 Million trips is an incredible moment of pride and an incentive to continue contributing, thriving, and succeeding along with the industry. Our journey was made possible thanks to our customers and partners.

We extend our gratitude to everyone at Taxi Butler, our partners and our customers for their continued support, trust and loyalty to us. This teamwork has got us all the way here, and together we will continue to make a positive impact in the industry.

How do the devices work?
Taxi Butler’s mission is to connect people as ONE through an excellent taxi booking experience. Whilst traditional methods of booking taxis are more oriented towards consumers, Taxi Butler focuses on an innovative, simple way of booking taxis for high-traffic businesses like hotels, bars, and restaurants. Simplicity is paramount for Taxi Butler and the end-users.
You press the button once, and the taxi is booked. Venue staff at the front desk can book multiple taxis and see live taxi updates like ETAs and driver details on the device’s screen. They can also cancel taxis when needed.

Taxi Butler’s continued commitment to the taxi industry
The demand for the taxisis rising across the globe, continuously evolving the landscape due to the change in customer preferences and different socio-economic and administrative circumstances. As a contribution to the taxi industry, Taxi Butler launched their first Global Industry Trends Report in September 2021, highlighting dynamic trends and a three-year comparative analysis of the taxi industry across the globe. The next edition of the report is scheduled to be launched in July 2022. These reports are bi-annual, and they analyse the global taxi industry and the findings of the B2B taxi bookings.

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