Taste of Conrad – A Gastronomical Voyage at Caraway Kitchen, Conrad Bengaluru

Embark on a culinary journey like none other with Taste of Conrad, at Caraway Kitchen, Conrad Bengaluru. Enjoy a diverse array of delectable flavours with some of the best picks from specialty restaurants, spanning Pan Asian, Italian, and Indian cuisine. A standout experience awaits at Caraway Kitchen’s Sunday Brunch, seamlessly blending irresistible flavours with endless choices for a memorable meal.

Among the culinary highlights are Chef Saravanan’s Mutton Dalcha and Thanjavour Kari Kuzhambu, Chef Kaustubh’s Malvani Fish Curry and Bharli Wangi, and Chef Arindam Deka’s Chingri Posto Fry and Macher Jhol. Expertly crafted by Chef Qureshi, Awadhi delicacies like Nihari Ghost and Dum ka Murgh beckon exploration.

MIKUSU presents an enticing Pan Asian spread, featuring Sushi, Robatyaki, and Gochujang Prawn by Chef Indra. Meanwhile, Italian Mediterranean delights, including Hand Roll Pizzas and Shawarma Wraps, promising a flavourful journey.

Quench your thirst with a selection of refreshing beverages infused with exotic spices and fresh herbs. Conrad Bengaluru invites guests to partake in interactive workshops and live cooking stations, from sushi rolling to pasta making, guided by culinary experts.

Elevate your Sunday at Caraway Kitchen, where a brunch experience like no other awaits, promising a fusion of vibrant flavours and culinary creativity.

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