Take your tastebuds on a delectable journey to New York with Como Pizzeria’s newest extension- Highline Pizza!

Transporting you to New York with every bite of their scrumptious and to-die-for pizzas, Como Pizzeria has the power to take your tastebuds on an unforgettable escapade with their newest extension-Highline Pizza.

Launched in 2021, A delivery joint that offers its diners a slice of New York with its range of delectable pizzas, sandwiches, and chunky cookies, Como Pizzeria has been catering to its diverse range of diners, from families and partygoers to corporate professionals since 2014. This unique cloud kitchen has been a loyal friend to its clients, satisfying their food cravings and late-night binges from a time when no other indigenous cloud kitchens were available, other than the International Giants.

To provide their customers with a unique gastronomical experience, Como Pizzeria constantly creates magic in their cloud kitchens, coming up with exciting renditions of the classic dishes all the time! Highline Pizza is a product of one such experiment and is here to escort you into a food coma with its perfectly crunchy pizzas marked by a degree of softness in every slice. Each bite possesses the power to create magic in your mouth with its sensational toppings and sauces that are sure to take you on a palatable journey without overpowering the flavors.

Other than the quintessential New York-style pizzas, Highline offers a vast menu consisting of

Homemade Chicken Nuggets, Fresh Salads, and even yummy Panuozzo Sandwiches. Baked with love to perfection, the bread for the sandwiches is made in-house in wood-fired ovens. Of the many stars on the menu are the Cubano Sandwich and the Smoked Mac and Cheese. Highline also caters generously to all the sweet tooths out there with their Dulce de LechDoughnuts that ooze with sweet dulce de Leche cream.

Wrapped with love, Highline Pizza delivers yummy treats with a side of their special chili oil to further enhance the flavor of the pizzas. Serving you hot goodies from their cloud kitchens located in Gurgaon and Lado Sarai in New Delhi, Highline Pizza assures to satisfy all your food cravings from 12 noon to 1 am.

Carrying forth the legacy of Como Pizzeria which has managed to win the love of its clients with Neapolitan Style Pizzas, Highline Pizza comes with the promise of recreating the same magic and vouches to cast its spell upon the nation’s taste buds.

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