Supply Chain Finance Platform SaralSCF Disburses over ₹940 Crore in FY24

May 29th, 2024: Supply chain finance platform SaralSCF has reported outstanding growth in FY24, with a disbursement of over 940 Crore across 1.46 lakh invoices. Compared to the previous financial year, the company’s disbursement increased by 30%, and it processed double the number of invoices in FY24SaralSCF’s asset under management (AUM) jumped by 30% year-on-year. 

During this period, SaralSCF expanded its reach significantly, onboarding over 20 new anchor partners and nearly 7,000 new borrowers, of which 20% were female borrowers. Additionally, the company’s footprint now extends to 50 new cities across the country.

SaralSCF, BlackSoil Group’s supply chain financing vertical, is a B2B platform servicing SMEs, FIs, and micro-entrepreneurs with tailored technology solutions. Currently offering in-house services to BlackSoil Capital, the platform plans to expand its clientele by onboarding more financial institutions in the future.

The platform optimises supply chain financing in payable and receivable management through its customisable products, Saral Pay Later, Saral Vendor Finance, and Saral Supply Chain Credit. The tech-enabled platform offers a portal for anchor partners and an app for borrowers, ensuring efficient financing management and transparency.

SaralSCF caters to the entire supply chain ecosystem, from manufacturers to suppliers, distributors, and retailers. It specialises in providing working capital across various industries and to a diverse set of borrowers, from micro and small entrepreneurs to mid-size traders, manufacturers and women entrepreneurs.

Excited about the outstanding growth in FY24Gaurav Bagrodia, President of SaralSCF, said, “Being a tech-enabled platform, we are able to cater to the unique requirements of the supply chain ecosystem through technology and seamless digital solutions, giving us the edge in the industry. SaralSCF aims to lead India’s supply chain finance transformation through innovative technology solutions. To aid our business expansion, we are enhancing our technology further to offer our customers a broad range of supply chain financing solutions and hassle-free experience”.

SaralSCF intends to revolutionise India’s supply chain finance segment, positioning itself as a key partner for financial institutions, SMEs and micro-entrepreneurs.

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