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Everyone faces myriad challenges when it comes to finding the right job. But for someone who is educated till the 10th, the challenges are even more to find a constant source of income. Unemployment has weighed down countless lives in the country, and despite the availability of jobs, the lack of a bridge between job seekers and jobs has made the condition even worse.

Similar was the story of Sonu, a former truck driver from Jahangirpuri in Delhi who was struggling to make ends meet. He was living in penury with no sources of income. He was walking a tightrope with hopelessness and doubts. He was trying to find a stable source of income for 5 months and was surviving odd jobs in logistics and maintenance for his basic necessities.

With no other options left, he was forced to utilize his savings which eventually dried up after some time, leaving him helpless and devastated. He was neither sufficient to fulfill the daily needs of his family nor was able to find a fixed source of income. However, a silver lining appeared when one of his wife’s friends recommended he download the Apna app to find a job. Sonu, who was in desperate need of a job decided to give it a chance. He downloaded the app and started applying for private jobs.

Within a few days, he was welcomed with joy when he was selected for a driving job near his house. All his struggles came to an end, and today he is able to support his family and live a healthy and better life.

“Apna has solved a big problem in my life that can’t be expressed in words. Thank you for helping people like me get jobs and live better lives,” he said.

Just like Sonu, Apna is providing a platform for many people to find a job, end their struggles and live peacefully and happily.

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