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Sizzling flavors at Sayaji Pune’s Sizzler food festival this October

Pune, October 2022: Sizzlers make for that perfect fun order and why not! With a hint of drama attached to it as you hear the sizzle from the metal plate and watch the steam from that piping hot meal…it’s all too hard to go unnoticed. This month, Sayaji Pune is all set to invite you to an extravagant Sizzler Food Festival! After all, sizzlers are an eternal favorite and make for a smoking hot treat this monsoon season!

While this widely popular dish is an American concept, its variant can be found in different parts of the world. The India sizzler dates to 1963 and was introduced by Firoz Irani. It was later carried on by son and since then has been a favorite among many. A meal that has delicious aromas wafting by, an array of options in sauces- tangy, spicy, barbeque, you name it, a meal that is a treat to the eye as well your tastebuds, and a variety of grilled, roasted, or fried meats/vegetables along with your choice of rice/noodles/fries make this dish simply irresistible.

The chef and his team of culinary experts have curated a menu that is a little something for everyone. For those who enjoy oriental flavors can relish dishes such as Kung pao water chestnut sizzler with rice, Cantonese cottage cheese chilli sizzler. Sizzlers with a desi take will feature preparations such as Gosht ghee roast sizzler with roomali roti, Murgh reshmi kebab with curd onion salad, Paneer tikka sizzler with dal makhani & rice, and Aloo nazaquat sizzler. Other sumptuous preparations that can’t be missed are Rosemary scented chicken steak, Paprika grilled fish with sautéed veggies, Prawns sizzler with hot soya chilli sauce, and Lamb bell pepper sizzler with rice.

The team at Sayaji Pune is all set to elevate your dining experience this October with an array of sizzling preparations to feast on. What are you for then? Make your way to Sayaji Pune to experience a hearty meal with your loved ones!

DATES: Ongoing- Friday, October 21, 2022

TIME: 7:00 PM Onwards

VENUE: TurQue, Sayaji Pune

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