Shriram Life & Telangana Traffic Police Team Up for Road Safety and Financial Security Awareness

Shriram Life & Telangana Traffic Police Team

Shriram Life Insurance Co. Ltd, the lead insurer in Telangana, conducted a Road Safety and Financial Security Awareness Event, in collaboration with the Sangareddy and Mahbubnagar District Traffic Police.

During the event, Shriram Life Insurance volunteers held placards displaying key messages about traffic, road safety, and financial security. They actively engaged with road users, counseled them to follow traffic rules, and helped them understand the financial consequences of accidents. Emphasizing the importance of financial protection, Shriram Life Insurance highlighted how life insurance provides a safety net for loved ones in the event of an accident or other unforeseen circumstances.

In Mahbubnagar district, Shriram Life, Lead Insurer team and Shriram Life Mahbubnagar Sales team, Mr. Rakesh and Mr. Hanmantha, collaborated with Mr. Srinivas Garu, Inspector of Mahbubnagar District Traffic Police led the event along with his team of officers from the District Traffic and PS Staff.

In Sangareddy, Traffic Police Inspector Mr. Suman Garu and his team of District Traffic Police led the event in collaboration with the Lead insurer team of Shriram Life Insurance from Hyderabad office along with Sangareddy Zonal Manager Mr. Nagavender Garu and his team.

Both teams conducted informative road safety awareness sessions, which delved into the causes of accidents and provided valuable safety tips to help residents avoid such situations.
Shriram Life Insurance distributed Traffic batons to the police officers and pledged ongoing collaboration to conduct similar awareness activities across the District Traffic Police jurisdictions.

This initiative builds on Shriram Life Insurance’s earlier collaboration with the Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) and Cyberabad Traffic Police. Their joint effort included a Road Safety and Financial Security and Insurance Awareness Event, followed by a bike rally in Hyderabad, in January this year. These ongoing initiatives demonstrate Shriram Life Insurance’s commitment to educating the public about road safety and the vital role of life insurance in mitigating life’s uncertainties.

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