Shiv Khera Engages Students with Inspiring Session at Global Reach Recharge Meet 2023 in Kathmandu

Shiv Khera Engages Students with Inspiring Session at Global Reach Recharge Meet 2023 in Kathmandu New Delhi, 13 December 2023 : Globally acclaimed motivational speaker, author, and business consultant Mr. Shiv Khera took centre stage at the annual Global Reach Recharge Meet 2023 held in Kathmandu. The event, organised by Global Reach, a leading educational agency with offices in Australia, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, brought together the union of Global Reach‘s global heads and employees for a day of collaboration and inspiration.

Mr. Khera‘s goal was very clear: he wanted to inspire and motivate the diverse audience while fostering an environment of empowerment and development. This year’s Global Reach Recharge Meet demonstrated the organisation’s dedication to supporting professional and academic growth throughout South Asia.

In his keynote speech, Mr. Khera offered ground-breaking perspectives on a range of topics related to  how to scale up. Attendees were captivated by his practical strategies for thorough preparation, which were deemed game-changing in their approach to success. He encouraged the audience to create environments that are conducive to their holistic growth, in addition to encouraging self-motivation. The attendees found great resonance in his perceptions of obtaining a competitive advantage, along with his useful advice on handling obstacles. With a profound effect on the inspired and empowered audience, the keynote emphasised the importance of attitude, leadership, motivation, and values in creating a successful and meaningful life.

Reflecting on the impact of the event, Mr. Khera stated, “The Global Reach Recharge Meet is a testament to the commitment of individuals striving for excellence. It is a prime example of the strength of cooperation and the possibilities for development that arise when people with similar goals unite.” Skill Development will help you make a living but Self Development will help you make a fortune. Organisations and Countries are not built on skills but they are built on character.

In addition to offering a venue for cooperation, the Global Reach Recharge Meet 2023 acted as a spur for growth on both a personal and professional level. Mr. Shiv Khera‘s speech made a lasting impression and confirmed Global Reach‘s commitment to promoting development & growth.

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