Savour the Season: Indulge in Mango-Inspired Delights at Pune Sugar Box, Conrad Pune

Savour the Season: Indulge in Mango-Inspired Delights at Pune Sugar Box, Conrad PuneAs summer arrives, everyone looks forward to savouring the king of fruits in every possible form. The luscious mango season is here and Conrad Pune is set to encapsulate this spirit by offering various combinations of mangoinspired delights. A curated selection of desserts, from delectable cakes to macaroons and chocolates. The culinary artisans at Conrad Pune have made sure to masterfully craft the menu that showcases versatility.

Start your gastronomic adventure with our signature Mango Lassi, a refreshing blend of ripe mangoes, yogurt, and a hint of cardamom that perfectly balances sweetness with tanginess. Sip leisurely as you feel the cool embrace of this timeless classic, transporting you to sun-kissed orchards laden with ripe fruit. For those craving a more indulgent experience, our Mango Cheesecake promises to satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth. Picture a velvety smooth cheesecake infused with the tropical goodness of fresh mango puree, resting atop a buttery graham cracker crust. Each forkful is a symphony of flavours, harmonising creamy richness with the bright, fruity notes of mango.

But the mango magic doesn’t end there. Dive into a world of decadence with our Mango chilli and rosemary entremet, typically comprising a sponge cake base, mousse filling and layers of inserted set elements reimagined with a modern twist. Mango and passion bonbons, Mango basil petite gateaux, Fresh mango tart, Mango charlotte pastry, Vanilla coconut and mango entremet and Fresh mango gateaux are some other curated dishes Infused with the essence of ripe mangoes. At Conrad Pune, we believe in celebrating the beauty of each season, and what better way to embrace the warmth of summer than with nature’s golden bounty – the mango.

Head to Conrad Pune to savour the season and indulge in the incomparable joy of mango-infused bliss. Experience the essence of summer in every bite at Conrad Pune, where culinary innovation meets tropical splendour.

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