Satnav Technologies expands Globally with QuickFMS a Facility Management Software

30th May, 2024: SatNav Technologies, a leader in Facilities Management Software, today announced a major expansion of its softwareQuickFMS, into the dynamic markets of the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa region. This strategic move is supported by new partnerships with notable industry leaders, enhancing the global reach and operational efficiency of QuickFMS. The company has been growing at a rate of 33% annually over the past two years and expect this growth to accelerate with the recent expansions.

QuickFMS, known for its robust facilities management capabilities, has now teamed up with a range of key partners, including Microsoft Silver Partners, Excelledia, Softline, Hilal Computers, Syskode Technologies and EOR (Electronic On-Ramp). Additionally, it has strengthened alliances through signing with Microsoft GOLD and SILVER partners such as Iclassed and Sandz in the Philippines, Rayat Technology in Saudi Arabia, WeGoHost in Nigeria, AFI Infotech in Oman, and QNP in Indonesia. These collaborations are set to integrate QuickFMS’s advanced software solutions with the unique market dynamics of these regions, thereby improving relevance and efficiency.

In Africa, the partnership with WeGoHost in Nigeria highlights QuickFMS’s commitment to penetrating markets experiencing rapid urbanization and infrastructure growth. These alliances are tailored to align QuickFMS’s comprehensive solutions with local demands, optimize operations, and ensure compliance with international safety standards.

“As we extend QuickFMS’s reach into the Middle East and Africa, we are excited about the potential to transform facility management practices in these regions,” said Amit Kishore Prasad, Founder, MD, and CEO of SatNav Technologies. “Our strategic partnerships are crucial in adapting our cutting-edge facility management software to meet regional needs while continuing to innovate and drive efficiency globally by better utilization of their infrastructure.”

The facility management software market is witnessing significant growth, driven by a need for integrated management systems that enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs. With a keen focus on incorporating AI, IoT, and BI Analytics, QuickFMS is well-positioned to influence facility management trends, especially as businesses globally adapt to hybrid work models requiring more flexible and scalable solutions. In addition to existing modules of Property, Lease, Tenant, Space, Asset, Maintenance, Helpdesk, Shared Services, the company has also introduced new modules such as Hot Desking and Branch Monitoring with Checklist Management to meet the changing needs of the market in the post Covid world.

The move into the Middle East and Africa is part of SatNav Technologies’ broader strategy to not only capture new markets beyond India, where they are already market leaders with dozens of marquee clients who are market leaders in their vertical industries, but also to set trends in the global facility management industry. By aligning its offerings with regional market trends and challenges, QuickFMS is set to expand its market share and drive innovation, helping organizations optimize their operations and achieve greater efficiencies.

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