RSWM Ltd Champions India’s 5F Vision: A Future Forward Approach

New Delhi, 27 Feb 2024 – RSWM Ltd, a leading textile manufacturing company, proudly upholds India’s 5F vision at the Bharat Tex Global Textile Expo 2024.

PM Narendra Modi’s 5F vision encapsulates a holistic approach to the textile industry, integrating sustainability, innovation, and global competitiveness. RSWM Ltd is at the forefront of this movement, driving positive change across the entire value chain.

As a responsible corporate citizen, RSWM Ltd is committed to sustainable business practices, ensuring the sourcing of raw materials adheres to ethical and environmental standards. Furthermore, RSWM Ltd prioritizes innovation in textile manufacturing, leveraging cutting-edge technology and research to enhance product quality and efficiency. From automated spinning units to fluorescent denim shades the journey is dotted with many firsts in the industry.

At the Bharat Tex Expo, it is the first time, it is housing all its business units under a single roof – Yarns, LNJ Denims, LNJ Knits, Kapaas, FibreGreen, celebrating the collective brilliance and strength of the Indian textiles on the world stage. From the latest products in yarns, knitted fabric and denim, to the most sustainable and responsible ways of production, RSWM Ltd remains agile and adaptive to market demands, setting benchmarks for excellence in the industry.

The major highlights at the Expo will be the VR zones to experience the ‘behind the scenes’ of production coupled with the launch of ‘Stones and Sutras’ the latest Spring Summer Collection in yarn and fabric capturing the spirit of ‘Bharat’ and its exceptional craftsmanship.

“In a world where fashion often forgets its roots, Stones and Sutras serves as a vibrant reminder of the historical and mythological tales woven into the fabric of our heritage,” said Mr. Riju Jhunjhunwala, Chairman & Managing Director at RSWM Ltd. “Each yarn blend not only mirrors the brilliance of these precious stones but also pays homage to a bygone era that valued the Earth and its treasures.”

The company’s mélange yarns Melantra blends colored fibers to create subtle to bold effects and Kapaas – 100% combed compact cotton yarn which made its debut last year will be part of the ensemble. The brand also launched ‘KnitScape’, its latest Knit Fabric Collection Summer Spring 2025 at Fibers and Yarns event held in the Jio World Convention Centre Mumbai last week, which will also be showcased here. The collection invites individuals to rediscover the mindset of yesteryears, where sustainable practices and reverence for nature were paramount.

Beyond aesthetics, RSWM Ltd takes a bold step towards sustainability by incorporating sustainable or recycled fibers into many yarn blends, aligning with the company’s commitment to tread lightly on the planet. “With each thread, we seek to revive not just the colors of India’s past but also the values that can guide us towards a more mindful and eco-conscious future,” added Mr B. M. Sharma, Joint Managing Director on the FibreGreen range that recycles disposed pet bottles into polyester fibre.

The company’s consistent commitment towards sustainability had been recognised by the CITI Textile Sustainability Awards 2023 by conferring the ‘Progress Towards Sustainability’ award to LNJ Denim, RSWM Ltd.

India’s aspiration to become a global leader in fashion is aligned with RSWM Ltd.’s dedication to producing high-quality fabrics. By nurturing talent and fostering creativity, RSWM Ltd contributes to the promotion of Indian textiles on the world stage, showcasing the rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship of the nation. For the excellence and consistent performance in the export arena, it has been recognised as the ‘Four Star Export House’ by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, GoI recently.

Through its commitment to the 5F vision, RSWM Ltd exemplifies India’s potential as a global textile powerhouse. By embracing sustainability, innovation, and quality, RSWM Ltd is driving the industry towards a future of prosperity and progress.

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