RSVP to Summer with Starbucks India: Biggest Summer Party, Seasonal Offerings Await

RSVP to Summer with Starbucks India: Biggest Summer Party, Seasonal Offerings Await3rd May 2024: Blending beloved classics with the essence and flavours of summer, Starbucks India introduces its specially curated offerings for the season. Including refreshing non-dairy curations, the smoothest cold brews to beat the heat, all new wraps, and craft dessert options – the specially created menu embodies the spirit of summer, the Starbucks way.

Bringing this exciting summer menu to life, Starbucks will be throwing a get together like never before. On May 3rd, 27 stores across 20 cities will feature an unparalleled summer experience that will go live on the same day across the country. Stores across Bombay, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and more will have appearances by some of India’s leading content creators including Tarini Shah, Radhika Bangia, Shivesh Bhatia, Akshara Gowda, Juli Sharma, Sneha Singhi and Govind Kaushal who will turn baristas as they go behind the scenes of the Starbucks coffee bar to take up a shift for consumers present. That’s not all! The crowd favorite Siddhant Chaturvedi will also go behind the Starbucks bar to curate the Starbucks global sensation, Refreshers. Stay tuned to @starbucksindia for all the action from your favourite influencers.

Starbucks’ new menu now available nationwide across 424 stores in 62 cities includes:


For the first time ever, Starbucks India introduces its cold brew offering in a Short Cup Size beginning with two new variants:

  • Cold Brew with Ginger Ale: Introducing the refreshing double-layered cold brew with ginger ale. Made from the world’s top 3% Arabica coffee grounds, steeped for 48 hours in cool water. The smooth flavor profile with hints of warm and spicy ginger ale is a pure delight for sunny days.
  • Sparkling Orange Cold Brew: Elevate your summer with the Starbucks Sparkling Orange Cold Brew—a fusion of signature cold brew coffee and zesty orange, topped with soda and a candied orange slice. The new go-to summer drink!


Elevate the everyday coffee experience with Starbucks India’s new range of refreshers with a distinctive twist, harnessing the essence of green coffee extracts mixed with the flavours of summer in two new variants:

  • Mango Dragon Fruit Lemonade Refresher: A tropical twist on tradition, the Mango Dragon Fruit Lemonade is crafted with mango pieces, dragon fruit extracts, and citrusy lemonade, shaken with ice. With green coffee extract at its core, this super-light drink is energizing and perfect for any time of day.
  • Strawberry Acai Lemonade Refresher: Crafted for sipping and savoring, the Strawberry Acai Lemonade Refresher blends sweet strawberry pieces and acai berry extracts. Shaken with ice, it offers a perfect balance of sweetness and rejuvenation—a must-try for those seeking a non-dairy, low-caffeine, and zero-fat drink.


  • Belgian Chocolate Frappuccino: Dive into an irresistible experience with the harmony of rich Belgian chocolate sauce and smooth coffee. Crowned with a velvety whipped chocolate topping, savor the surprise and crunch of dark chocolate chips swirling amidst the creamy blend with each sip. A treat for the senses that keeps you wanting more.


  • Tandoori Soya Chaap Wrap: Rooted in Indian spices, this wrap brings together soft and succulent soya chaap in a tandoori marinade, cooked to juicy perfection. Encased in a spinach wrap with assorted bell peppers in an aromatic makhni gravy, the quintessential favourite is comforting and makes for the perfect on-the-go lunch.
  • BBQ Chicken Wrap: Flavorful smoky chicken with chopped aromatic vegetables is tossed in an earthy in-house BBQ sauce. Taking you on a familiar yet unlikely culinary journey, the offering comes together with shredded lettuce wrapped in a soft tortilla.


  • Cold Brew Tiramisu: Ever wanted to eat your cold brew? Here is a luxurious treat that comes alive with a soft almond sponge delicately layered with creamy mascarpone cheese, soaked in slow-steeped cold brew for a delightfully chilled bite.
  • Custard Pinwheel: Flaky croissant pastry is baked into the shape of a pinwheel that oozes out a creamy vanilla custard filling when bitten into. Topped with a velvety milk chocolate glaze, this sweet and crunchy baked good is the ultimate coffee companion. 


  • Mango Pachadi Puff:  playful raw mangoes, crunchy carrots, and fresh cucumbers dance in harmony with a South Indian-style yogurt, tempered with fragrant curry leaves and red chilies. Served on a delicate puff tart, a fusion of textures that will transport you to a tropical paradise. Your perfect choice of refreshment to help lift your mood on a summer evening.
  • Alphonso Mango Java Chip Frappuccino: This coffee free fruity beverage offers a blend of Alphonso mango and milk, folded in with Java Chips to create a symphony of flavors that you cannot get enough of. Topped with a swirl of whipped topping, here’s presenting summer in a cup.
  • Mango Crumble Cookie: Made from a decadent cheesecake batter and topped with fresh mangoes, this cookie is a dream for all mango lovers.
  • Mango Lava Cake: A mélange of Vanilla sponge layered with mango mousse & chopped mangoes topped with a delightful mango cream sauce for an irresistible tropical treat that will lift your spirits with every bite.

As Starbucks India redefines summer celebrations, Sushant Dash, CEO, TATA Starbucks said, “Our summer menu offers a refreshing food and beverage experience for all our consumers. We are delighted to introduce our cold brew drinks for the first time ever in all new cup size and price variants, making these choices accessible to anyone seeking an unparalleled coffee forward selection. Furthermore, our extensive specials are reflective of our dedication to catering to evolving consumer taste preferences. From low caffeinated, non-dairy beverages to classic favorites to India inspired food options – there is something for everyone. To further create exciting experiences for our consumers, we are hosting the RSVP to Summer Party with Siddhant Chaturvedi and renowned influencers across the country. The day promises a fusion of delectable offerings and the experience of Summer, all in one place- Starbucks.”

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