Revealing India’s holiday app usage: Exclusive insights into how Indians embrace digital platforms for a seamless holiday experience

A recent research from Cisco reveals consumers will be using more applications and digital services this holiday season than ever before with 63% believing digital services are important to have an enjoyable holiday, globally. Whether it’s streaming movies and music, connecting with friends and family, keeping up to date with news, or managing finances, consumers will be relying on a huge number of applications as they celebrate.

This increased usage also means added pressure for brands to make sure their applications run smoothly if they don’t want to end up on the naughty list! More than half of consumers (53%) globally admit that they are worried that if a digital service doesn’t work as it should, it will have negative implications for their family holiday.

Key Findings: Anticipated Usage of Applications and Digital Services 

  1. Entertainment Rules: 88% anticipate using entertainment apps for streaming movies, TV shows, sports, and music.
  2. Connected Living: 72% plan to engage with connected devices (Alexa, smart home).
  3. Gaming Enthusiasts: 60% opt for gaming apps.
  4. Social Connections: 84% will use tools to connect with friends and family (e.g., social media, video calls).
  5. Last-Minute Shopping: 75% turn to retail apps for last-minute gifts and holiday recipe ingredients.
  6. Banking on Convenience: 75% utilize banking and insurance apps for last-minute payments and transfers.
  7. Stay Informed: 78% use news and information-based apps.
  8. Convenience in a Bite: 88% will utilize food delivery services for a well-deserved takeaway.
  9. Productivity Matters: 73% use collaboration and productivity tools to wrap up work or studies before the holidays.
  10. Health First: 79% express interest in health and wellbeing apps for fitness and relaxation.
  11. Travel Plans: 75% explore hospitality, leisure, and travel apps for last-minute bookings.
  12. Essential Utilities: 81% find utility apps (broadband, water, gas, electric) crucial.
  13. Healthcare Access: 79% consider healthcare apps vital for consultations, prescriptions, and more.

Essential Applications for the Perfect Holiday:

  1. Entertainment Hub: 70% prioritize entertainment apps for streaming content.
  2. Social Connection: 54% value tools connecting with friends and family.
  3. Last-Minute Shopping: 44% find retail apps essential for holiday needs.
  4. Culinary Convenience: 64% deem food delivery services crucial.
  5. Financial Planning: 51% rely on banking and insurance apps for last-minute transactions.
  6. Utilities at Hand: 42% consider utility apps (broadband, water, gas, electric) essential.
  7. Health Comes First: 52% see healthcare apps as important.
  8. Fitness Focus: 50% prioritize apps for health and well-being.
  9. Travel Plans: 46% find hospitality, leisure, and travel apps/services vital.
  10. Staying Informed: 38% value news and information apps.

Potential Application Failure Scenarios Impacting the Holiday Mood:

  • 45% if a banking app fails for important payments or transfers.
  • 38% if a messaging app fails, hindering communication with friends and family.
  • 44% if an online retailer’s app malfunctions, affecting last-minute holiday shopping.
  • 33% if an entertainment streaming service goes down, disrupting festive music enjoyment.
  • 33% if a digital health service or app fails, affecting access to appointments or medication.
  • 46% if a food delivery service fails, impacting anticipated holiday takeout.
  • 34% if a travel app goes down, hindering holiday travel plans.
  • 26% if a sports streaming service fails, affecting holiday sports watching.

Reactions to Potential Holiday Application Failure Scenarios:

  • 56% find it harder to enjoy the holiday.
  • 44% vent about the issue to friends and family.
  • 35% experience stress, anger, or anxiety.
  • 30% delete the faulty app and never use it again.
  • 33% argue or take out frustration on friends or family.
  • 8% choose not to react.

Agreement with Holiday Application Statements:

  • 88% agree applications and digital services are crucial for an enjoyable holiday.
  • 75% worry about the impact of app failures on family holidays.
  • 85% expect to use more apps this holiday season than in previous years.
  • 69% won’t forgive an app that lets them down during the holiday season.
  • 71% believe app failures could ruin their Christmas/holiday season.

People’s reactions to any poorly performing application will be far from festive! Many admit that a bad digital experience could threaten household harmony, and 35% of Indian respondents fear that they will become so angry that they’ll start behaving like the Grinch!

Therefore, the stakes have been raised for application owners over the holiday season. On one hand, they have a huge opportunity to accommodate an unprecedented demand for digital services – those that can deliver innovative, intuitive, secure and seamless digital experiences, perfectly positioned to attract new customers. Alternatively, applications that fail people this time of the year risk losing customers, revenue, and reputation.

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