Rain And Shine: The Brilliance of Diamonds During Monsoon

Rain And Shine: The Brilliance of Diamonds During MonsoonA relentless summer is in retreat and raindrops are starting to fall on our heads! This monsoon, pair your waterproof makeup and chic rain wear with brilliant diamond jewellery. Natural Diamonds are tough stuff and resistant to the vagaries of nature. They won’t discolour, fade or wear down and can literally take all the pressure the earth has to offer. Rain, or shine, they make delightful companions and can multitask from day to evening or from school runs to board meetings. What’s more, they remind us of happy moments and chase any monsoon blues away.

Toranj Mehta, Director – Marketing, De Beers Forevermark, forecasts major trends to perk up your rainy day look.

Solitaire Diamond Pendant

A classic diamond pendant is simple and eternal piece of jewellery. When the weather Gods promise drama in the skies and waterworks on earth, stay grounded with a timeless, solitaire pendant. This is a timeless trend that can be worn comfortably from day to night and accentuates any outfit.

Hoop Earrings
Here’s a fun idea that you don’t have to jump through hoops for. Monsoon fashion involves dressing for convenience that can be beautifully complemented with rings, not just on your fingers, but on your ears! Diamond hoops in all sizes are making waves this season. From tiny to oversized hoops, and from delicate hoops to bold ones, there is a pair for every personality. Let them frame your face, elongate your neck and lift your mood as you take cover from dark clouds.

Tennis Bracelets
Monsoon jewellery trends emphasize functionality and versatility, aligning with the practical considerations of the season. Diamond tennis bracelets are fast becoming a daily wear diamond staple that weathers all seasons. The best thing about tennis bracelets is how they add elegance to any outfit. Sport one and sway all with their fluid charm – its game set and match with all advantage to you with this one!

Two Stone Diamond Rings
What’s better than a solitaire? Two solitaires! Let unique two stone diamond rings hug your fingers during a wet spell. Innovatively designed with a pave finish on two lines, these rings keep the spotlight shining on you even on washed out days. If the weather is too overcast to refresh your manicure, simply glam up your digits with these big bling rings! Yes, they offer a look of opulence and can be worn as statement rings too. Pick up your cuppa chai causally while wearing one and watch conversations spark!

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