February 26, 2024

Radiant Choices: Aukera Unveils Exceptional Bridal Collection as Young, Progressive Couples Embrace Grown Diamond Jewellery for Their Big Day

Radiant Choices: Aukera Unveils Exceptional Bridal Collection as Young, Progressive Couples Embrace Grown Diamond Jewellery for Their Big DayBengaluru, 28 November 2023: With the wedding season in full swing, Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery has lifted the veil on its latest bridal collection, showcasing a stunning array of engagement and wedding rings, bridal necklaces, earrings and bracelets crafted with the finest of grown diamonds.  the collection is delicately designed to mark the bond between brides and grooms tying the knot this year.

Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery’s bridal range is designed and curated from global trends and design sensibilities, catering to individual aesthetics and celebrating the sacred union of love while embracing a more thoughtful and sustainable future.

From classic solitaires, and intricate halo designs to emerald cut and marquise-shaped diamonds, the collection features a diverse array of unique, contemporary designs to complement the diverse personalities and preferences of the modern-day bride and groom. The bridal assortment is exclusively crafted with ethically crafted grown diamonds set in 18 Karat gold.

With this collection, the brand aims to bring larger stones and higher-quality diamonds within reach, fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of brides and grooms. Going beyond its ornamental value, these unique pieces of jewellery become part of a big day to serve as a tangible reminder of the beginning of a lifelong union and the promise of a shared future. Beyond their eco-friendly credentials, embracing grown diamond jewellery symbolises a couple’s commitment to a progressive and conscious approach to their union. The jewellery is also the perfect choice for couples planning eco-conscious and sustainable weddings.

Aukera’s Bridal Collection includes:

  • This Italianate ornate 18KT yellow gold bridal set features an illusion set solitaire at the centre created in marquise-shaped diamonds on a studded band of beautifully glittering round-grown diamonds. This bridal set is accompanied by a contour ring of round and marquise-shaped grown diamonds individually set in a Prongs arrangement.
  • The ‘Pebble Cascade Majesty Necklace,’ is inspired by the visual allure of tiny pebbles along serene shores. It showcases the grandeur of three distinct diamond shapes, meticulously stacked in rows and placed at varied angles.
  • The Pear Drop earrings are adorned with pear-cut lab-grown diamonds, epitomizing elegance and sophistication. Meticulously crafted to ensure you feel nothing short of spectacular, they add a touch of timeless beauty to your bridal ensemble.
  • The Bridal Elegance Emerald Harmony Bracelet boasts mesmerizing emerald-cut diamonds secured in bezels, accompanied by a row of round prong-set diamonds in radiant 18KT gold.
  • The bold platinum band is a modern take on the classic Solitaire ring for men. A high polish surface gives this band a substantial appearance, while a single Round Brilliant grown Aukera Diamond in tension setting adds a touch of perfection to the design
  • This ring is a Maximalist’s take on the classic halo ring for your Big Day. The Signature 18KT rose gold Floral Halo is an innovative twist on our classic Halo engagement ring., The Signature Floral Halo features a petal-shaped halo made of Aukeragrown diamonds that encircles the centre stone.
  • The Halo engagement ring is the brand’s rendition of a classical romantic setting. A radiant series of individually handset pavé Aukera grown diamonds accentuate the centre cushion diamond. This piece is thoughtfully designed to sit low on your finger on a shank of ribbon-like pattern encrusted with pave set diamonds. This signature sling dips slightly below the band, drawing in light and making the piece more radiant

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