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Pritesh Asher and Megha Asher, founders at Juicy Chemistry, share their journey of building a completely organic and natural brand for personal care.

When Juicy Chemistry began 8 years back, the goal was to champion the efficacy of organic produce. Their belief is that a product is as good as its organic ingredients which need to be grown in the best soil profile and climatic conditions and so want to provide our customers with the best and freshest of ingredients. While this is the formulation aspect, Juicy Chemistry’s soil-to-shelf approach necessitated that they improve their supply chain too. To that end, they follow a backwards-integrated approach. The objective is to remove the middlemen and communicate directly with certified farmers, bring the raw organic ingredients to their state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing unit and directly supply the customer with products that retain their freshness and nutrient profile.

Megha and Pritesh want customers to be in sync with the organic way of living – fresh, healthy, and surrounded by nature. They do not believe in using synthetic additives and their policy is that everything that we need is readily available in nature. While we take so much from nature, Megha and Pritesh are firm believers in giving back as well. Sustainability is at the heart of Juicy Chemistry and every aspect of their supply chain, product line, and manufacturing reflects that by using glass bottles, recyclable PET bottles, and biodegradable packaging for the products. Juicy Chemistry is one of the first few brands to come up with a take-back program that incentivises their customers to actively participate in the sustainability movement and are now focused on becoming plastic neutral this year.

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