Nidhi Aggarwal, Founder, Space Mantra

Prefabrication- Redefining the Future of Construction

by Nidhi Aggarwal, Founder at Spacemantra

Prefabrication is gaining popularity in the real estate industry. The introduction of prefabricated homes in India paved the way for cutting-edge and technologically advanced building and design methods. This cutting-edge technology can be applied to all types of construction, including high and low-rise buildings, rental properties, and mass townships. The importance of pre-fabricated structures has grown dramatically in recent years, particularly in the real estate industry. Technically advanced and innovative design methods are used, which helps to improve construction quality.

What Is Pre-fabrication?

It is the technique of constructing buildings by combining various components off-site or at manufacturing sites before transporting them to construction sites. Pre-fabricated structures help construction workers slot together various parts and components quickly and easily on-site. No wonder, prefab homes have become one of the most preferred construction models in developing countries like India.
Adoption Of Prefab In India

Internationally, prefabrication has been significantly adopted by the construction sector, andthe Burj Khalifa and the Sydney Opera House are two of the most brilliant examples. Further, prefabricated homes have already gained popularity in the developed regions such as Europe, Canada and the United States. Based on their advantages, prefabricated homes should also be an efficient strategy in developing nations such as India.

The Indian construction marketplace currently stands inundated by constricted space, overcrowding, delay in completion and clearance snarls. Also, the sector continues to be labour concentrated and greatly dependent on conventional construction practices. Though, the cost of switching to prefab is a lot higher, in the long term, it is prefabrication that can provide developers the advantage of time, security and excellence, allowing them to manufacture buildings quicker and meet the demand.

Despite the challenges, India is predicted to be among the fastest-growing nations in terms of construction output over the next few years, with technology intervention playing an important role. The prefabrication method has an important role to play in taking the Indian real estate market to the next level. It is prepared to reshape the future of India’s real estate market.

The Future

Countless businesses use prefabrication because it is an important way to thrive in the construction and building fields. The growing interest in such construction in India has prompted global producers of prefabrication equipment as well as components to enter the country. Energetic participation in prefabricated houses is typical from more domestic market players, as is the growth of even more understanding among ordinary people.

The adoption of transformative technologies was sluggish initially, as the focus of the industry was on employing tech innovation in manufacture of construction equipment. But, over the last few years, rather than equipment, the emphasis has been on the process of construction and design. As the Indian construction sector is expected to expand to a size of US $1 trillion and contribute over 15% to the overall GDP, the coming decade will be ruled by prefabrication. The Indian government’s grand plan of constructing 20 million affordable houses and 98 smart cities by 2022 will witness the two major sectors, construction and manufacturing, unite to form a network for improved innovation and technology implementation. Thus, prefabrication is estimated to be a key contributor in the mission ‘Digital India’ and all infrastructural development.

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