February 28, 2024

Pidge launches Trace, an AI-powered fleet intelligence solution for advanced surveillance and insights

Pidge launches Trace, an AI-powered fleet intelligence solution for advanced surveillance and insightsDecember 19, 2023: Pidge, a next-gen logistics technology company, has introduced TRACE—a groundbreaking solution for effective fleet management, providing deep intelligence to all businesses looking to manage on-ground fleets of executives and vehicles. Enabling no-touch management for logistics teams, TRACE offers businesses holistic and real-time intelligence on fleet and vehicle Tracking, effective Routing, real-time Alerts, Customizability, and Exception management (TRACE).

Logistics providers often face issues with multiple fleet tracking tools, which provide limited data visibility, are confined to vendor-locked dashboards, and serve only reactive information. This constraint makes it challenging for teams to make quick decisions. TRACE, being device-agnostic, seamlessly integrates with any fleet tracking tool, including portable devices, mobile applications, and SIM-based tracking. Detailed real-time insights, live on-ground events, and immediate alerts enable decentralized teams to promptly resolve exceptions. Instantaneous decision-making helps optimize all parts of the supply chain operations, delivering substantial cost savings to businesses and helping to identify missed revenue opportunities.

Ratnesh Verma, Founder and CEO of Pidge, emphasised, “Transportation and logistics are crucial to effective businesses – the skeleton on which the supply chain runs. Think of TRACE as the brain that makes this skeleton powerful and robust. Plugging in this fleet management technology and converting raw fleet data to actionable insights helps all stakeholders in the logistics ecosystem.”

“Our ability to deploy and go live within a single day is a crucial component of our larger purpose to deliver accessible and user-friendly logistic technology for all,” stated Rushil Mohan, Co-founder and Chief Product and Technology Officer. He added, “TRACE plays a pivotal role in unlocking significant IoT success and tapping into the maximum data potential while providing deep intelligence for companies.”

With its AI engine and data-sharing capabilities, the platform transforms large volumes of data into business insights. Businesses can monitor all vehicle and environment data, including unpredictable traffic patterns, accidents, vehicle breakdowns, driver idle time, delayed deliveries, and heightened fuel consumption. TRACE can give businesses a better competitive advantage by increasing autonomy, decentralized efficiency, and cost-saving transit at the unit level.

TRACE marks a major leap in logistics technology, reiterating Pidge’s commitment to building cutting-edge solutions. By identifying and addressing crucial gaps, TRACE offers a sophisticated upgrade to traditional logistic tools used by businesses and introduces intelligence where previously thought impossible. Pidge continues to deliver practical and usable advancements that make a real difference in managing logistics seamlessly.

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